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Oct 30, 2009
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Hello FMers i had a fairly good season with my Sheffield Wednesday side last season so i thought i would just share my tactic with you all.

As the title states its a 4-3-3 possession based tactic that aims to move the ball around patiently with short passes and eventually find gaps in the oppositions defence.

Im about 7 years into the game so a lot of my players are regens but we were only predicted to come 7th in the particular season i used that tactic with every game no tweaks for a good test.

My pitch is standard and used High attacking movement during the pre season then about 5 days before game 1 dropped it down to average and left it all year.

This tactic was made after a good read of Raikin007s possession based thread so anyone looking to make a similar tactic that needs help should definitely give that a read because i found it very useful.

If you have questions/feedback feel free to ask. <3