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Recent content by Antman713

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    Maximum wage

    Hi could anybody tell me if it's possible to increase the maximum wage you are allowed to offer a player and how you can do this please?? For example at Arsenal the maximum wage you can offer is £150k. I know Arsenal are very shrewd with their finances but that is still rather short when...
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    Game currently unavailable

    'This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time.' NOT IMPRESSED. I dont want to play the game at another time, when Steam dictates, I want to play now, when I decide. Surely thats what purchasing the game entitles me? If this has something to do with the new update and x...
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    Problem installing patch

    Ive downloaded the 11.2 patch but when it comes to installing it i get an error msg pop up saying 'a sharing violation has occured while accessing C/program files/si/fm11/data/skins.' Does anybody know why this is? I havent downloaded any other skins. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Downloading kits, facepacks, etc

    Look im a bit of a div when it comes to computers (only bought it for fm lol) and ive been trying to download some kits and facepacks etc but to no avail. Basically they seem to download Ok but i cannot open them. What applications do i need to be able to open them with? Thanks in advance