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    Network Career

    Would anyone like to start a network game?? I know a few of these have been started but i would like to do something similar to what Gregor was doing but do it in a 2 player game. Now apparently a good way to do it is via a program called himatchi! Although it would be fine just via network on...
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    Well iv been searching for a method of signing this great player but all the time... the old ''work permit'' seems to be a bit of an ***. Now i understand the work permit rule where they have to play for their country so many times and he has played countless amounts. Has anyone got the secret...
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    Hey, bit new to the fm08 scene. im hoping to be chatting to you guys more often and looks like a good community to get to know. Chat soon!!
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    FML Help

    Hey guys. Im just posting as im new to the FML lark and i know there is probably some other posts on this, but how will i be able to take part in FML? Would appreciate a bit of help. Thanks :w00t: