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    A couple of Skinning questions.. [How to remove a scroll bar, and change font colour]

    Hey, been a while since I messed about creating a skin. I've started doing one for FM13, to my own preffered style.. starting to get the hang of it and changed alot of things. But I'm struggling with these two, I would like to remove the scroll bar next to the player profile picture (it only...
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    Swansea Tactic help

    I'm trying to create the tactic that Swansea play in real life. (Classic Style tactic) Last Season Stats. Read more here if you wish. They are still passing teams of the pitch in the Premier League, and have had over 60% possession in a few games. Wolves/Norwich away- Bolton home etc...
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    Swansea Tactic help

    Edit: Posted this in the wrong place, I was meant to post it in the 'what tactic should I use sub forum' A mod can delete this thread, thanks,
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    Help editing Skin

    Does anybody know how to change the colour of the commentary bar when you make a Substitute etc? It's black atm and doesn't really go with the rest of the colours. Also does anybody know which graphics i need to edit to change the bar colours when you make an offer for a player? (or what...
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    League 2 network game..

    Hi, i'm looking to start a long-term English network game starting in League 2. [using hamachi] Looking for 2-3 players, i'm online most nights. I can host or somebody else can host, i don't mind either way.
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    Guess The Film

    Ok not sure if there's already a game like this, tried searching but nothing poped up. Sorry if it as. Rules to the game are simple, say a Quote from any movie and we have to guess what film it's from. Can be any quote, but don't make it something that could be from any film and don't make it...
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    What Skin is this?

    Hi, can anybody tell me what this Skin is called, and where i can get it? Thanks.(H)
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    Championship Game

    We currently have a Championship Newtwork game going, season as already started and we are currently at 16th Sept 2009. 1 user as dropped out, so looking for 1/2 more players, all teams are available apart from Leicester/Middlesbrough & Ipswich. If you fancy it, here's the details. Hamachi...
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    Premier League Real Fixtures 09/10 for FM2010

    I posted these a few months ago on sortitoutsi, but thought i would post them on here as i have updated TV games up untill Febuary. I will allow people to upload to their sites, So long as they give credit. Enjoy! Link...
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    Premier League registration/homegrown rule?

    I'd like to know how to disable the Premier League registration/homegrown rule that comes into effect in the second season. I know its coming into effect in real life next season, but i find it a nuisance and i just don't want it in my game. I have had a look with the data editor but can't find...
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    Team Badge behind player face image instead of graphical

    Hi, does anyone know which panel you add to custom skins to get the team badge behind the player image on the player profile screen instead of the mini graphical attributes image? Like on previous FMs. I read somewhere that you need to add a certian panel to the skins folder to get it like this...
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    Looking for Kris's Tactic?

    I saw in LGfires creative tactic thread a few people saying that Kris's tactic is the best they have used and works with anyone. So i have been trying to find it but i can't find it. Tried the search button, Tried manualy searching through the tactics thread but could not find a tactic called...