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A couple of Skinning questions.. [How to remove a scroll bar, and change font colour]

Aug 27, 2009
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Hey, been a while since I messed about creating a skin.

I've started doing one for FM13, to my own preffered style.. starting to get the hang of it and changed alot of things.
But I'm struggling with these two, I would like to remove the scroll bar next to the player profile picture (it only appears when a player is on loan, or out on loan) The 'profile extra text' is causing a scoll bar.

I'm guessing I would need to change the container size via the 'player profile personal details' panel, but I can't remember how I go about it.

<!-- Personal Details -->
  <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top,extend" offset="20" gap="10"/>
  <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" layout_children="true" inset="0" />

  <!-- WITH PORTRAIT -->
  <!-- this version of the table is used if the player portrait is visible -->
    <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top,extend" offset="2" gap="4"/>
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" layout_children="true" inset="0" />

    <widget class="table" id="pld1" mode="printable, fill_rows" layout="20,140,20,140" fixed_size_rows="true" row_spacing="0" row_height="18">

      <list id="column_properties">
        <record indx="0" alignment="right,centre_y"/>
        <record indx="1" alignment="left,centre_y" />
        <record indx="2" alignment="right,centre_y" />
        <record indx="3" alignment="left,centre_y" />
        <record indx="4" alignment="left,centre_y" />

      <!-- small inset from sides of table -->
      <list id="column_display_properties">
        <record indx="0" left="0" sort_disabled="true"/>
        <record indx="1" left="6" sort_disabled="true"/>
        <record indx="2" left="6" sort_disabled="true"/>
        <record indx="3" rght="6" sort_disabled="true"/>
        <record indx="4" rght="6" sort_disabled="true"/>

      <!-- custom row graphics -->
      <list id="row_properties">
        <record indx="14">
          <flags id="appearance" value="table/custom/stripe/row"/>

      <!-- Attribute Analyser Container -->
      <container id="over" row="0" col="0" column_span="5" row_span="8">
        <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="-4, -7" offset="0" gap="0"/>
        <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" layout_children="true" inset="0" />

        <widget class="picture" id="ppic" image_alignment="bottom" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true"/>

        <!-- Attribute Analyser -->
        <container id="ppaa">
          <layout class="fit_children_attachment" alignment="vertical,fill" offset="0" gap="0" />
          <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top,horizontal" layout_children="true" inset="0" />

          <container class="titled_box" id="ovrv" title="" appearance="" translate="false">
            <!-- there are two panels here: one for goalkeepers, and one for outfield players
                      only one panel is visible at any time -->
            <layout class="fit_children_attachment" alignment="vertical,fill" offset="0" gap="0" />
            <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="0" />
            <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top,horizontal" layout_children="true" inset="0" />

            <!-- outfield player analyser panel : visible by default -->
            <widget class="person_attributes_analyser_panel" id="ofap" file="player attribute analyser outfield" hidden="false" auto_size="vertical" />
            <!-- goalkeeper player analyser panel : hidden by default -->
            <widget class="person_attributes_analyser_panel" id="gkap" file="player attribute analyser goalkeeper" hidden="true" auto_size="vertical" />
          <!-- subsection box -->
      <!-- Attribute Analyser Container -->

      <!-- Temporary Row Fillers - the picture and logo should possibly be put in their own table -->
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="1" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="2" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="3" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="4" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="5" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="6" />
      <widget class="label" col="0" row="7" />

      <!-- Nationality -->
      <widget class="nation_button" id="pfna" col="1" row="8" column_span="1" icon_alignment="left,can_scale" dspf="1" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- International Appearances -->
      <widget class="international_appearances_label" id="pfcg" col="1" row="9" column_span="2" size="8"/>

      <!-- Age -->
      <widget class="label" id="pfag" col="3" row="8" column_span="2" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- Date Of Birth -->
      <widget class="label" id="pdob" col="3" row="9" column_span="2" size="8" />

      <!-- Height -->
      <widget class="height_label" id="phei" col="1" row="10" column_span="2" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- Weight -->
      <widget class="weight_label" id="pwei" col="1" row="11" column_span="2" size="8" />

      <!-- Preferred Foot -->
      <widget class="label" id="pfot" col="3" row="10" column_span="2" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- Preferred Foot Label -->
      <widget class="label" id="text" text="Preferred Foot" col="3" row="11" column_span="2" size="8" />

      <!-- Wage -->
      <widget class="label" id="wagw" col="1" row="12" column_span="2" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- Contract Expiry -->
      <widget class="label" id="pexp" col="1" row="13" column_span="2" size="8" />

      <!-- Value -->
      <widget class="value_label" id="pval" col="3" row="12" column_span="2" font="fonts/letterpressed" size="10"/>

      <!-- Value Label -->
      <widget class="label" id="text" text="Estimated Value[COMMENT: player profile; value label]" col="3" row="13" column_span="2" size="8" />

      <!--Extra Info -->
      <widget class="text" id="pinf" spec="text" col="0" row="14" column_span="4" alignment="centre_x,centre_y" style="semi_bold" colour="profile extra text"/>

  <!-- this version of the table is used if the player portrait is hidden -->
  <widget class="table" id="pld2" mode="fill_rows, stripe_rows, printable" layout="-1,-1,-1" fixed_size_rows="true" row_spacing="0" row_height="20">

    <list id="headings">
      <record text="Personal Details" alignment="left, centre_y" column_span="3"/>

    <list id="column_properties">
      <record indx="0" alignment="left,centre_y"/>
      <record indx="1" alignment="right,centre_y" colour="selection"/>
      <record indx="2" alignment="right,centre_y" colour="selection"/>

    <!-- small inset from sides of table -->
    <list id="column_display_properties">
      <record indx="0" left="4" sort_disabled="true"/>
      <record indx="1" rght="4" sort_disabled="true"/>
      <record indx="2" rght="4" sort_disabled="true"/>

    <!-- Nationality -->
    <widget class="label" text="Nationality" col="0" row="0" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="nation_button" id="pfna" col="1" row="0" column_span="2" icon_alignment="right,can_scale" dspf="1"/>

    <!-- Caps + Goals -->
    <widget class="label" text="International" col="0" row="1" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="international_appearances_label" id="pfcg" col="1" row="1" column_span="2" />

    <!-- DOB -->
    <widget class="label" text="Born" col="0" row="2" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="pdob" col="1" row="2" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Age -->
    <widget class="label" text="Age" col="0" row="3" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="pfag" col="1" row="3" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Player Position -->
    <widget class="label" text="Position" col="0" row="4" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="pprs" col="1" row="4" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Foot -->
    <widget class="label" text="Preferred Foot" col="0" row="5" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="pfot" col="1" row="5" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Height -->
    <widget class="label" text="Height[COMMENT - player profile panel; height label]" col="0" row="6" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="height_label" id="phei" col="1" row="6" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Weight -->
    <widget class="label" text="Weight[COMMENT - player profile panel; weight label]" col="0" row="7" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="weight_label" id="pwei" col="1" row="7" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Value -->
    <widget class="label" text="Value" col="0" row="8" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="value_label" id="pval" col="1" row="8" column_span="2" />

    <!-- Wage Details -->
    <widget class="label" text="Basic Wage" col="0" row="9" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="wagw" col="1" row="9" column_span="2" />

    <!--Contract Expires -->
    <widget class="label" text="Contract Expires" col="0" row="10" column_span="2" />
    <widget class="label" id="pexp" col="1" row="10" column_span="2" />

    <!--Extra Info -->
    <widget class="text" spec="text" id="pinf" col="0" row="11" column_span="3" colour="profile extra text" alignment="right, centre_y"/>

And I would like to change the colour of the font for the selection details, 'needs match practice to be ready for the new season' I know that it will be controlled by a line in the skin.settings.xml, but I can't remember which line controls it.