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    Marlon King set or Birmingham medical

    Medical at the training ground tomorrow. What a *insert several expletives*
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    Breaking the Duck - A Josh and Sam Joint Story.

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen many of these joint stories around recently so yesterday me and SamScfc thought we would revive the genre. After looking at pros and cons of certain team choices we decided to go with one familliar to many of you. We will take charge of Arsenal Football Club but...
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    Stephen 'Legend' Carr handed one-match ban

    First of all, I am fully behind the team in the FA battle over the whole post-Villa match 'incidents'. To be fair I know it isn't accpeptable to make those kind of gestures to the fans but thet deserve it! XD Aswell as that he's now in trouble with the police and the team in totality are all...
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    Bouncing back from Beer, Babes and Broken legs - A Sergio Hernandez Story!

    Hello everyone, well yesterday I was looking around the forum and I had a sudden urge of nspiration to write this! All i'm gonna say is that it is played on the 10.3 patch and I loaded Spain to B level, England premier league, France Ligue 1 and Italy Serie a. Everything else will unfold as the...
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    The birth of Bath FC, A bcfc story

    As you all probably know, I have a Birmingham story currently ongoing but at the moment I am really lacking the motivation to play. I have started this to hopefully re-ignite my love for FM. Excuse that line but I used to be almost obsessed with the game and now I simply cannot be bothered to...
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    Steven Caulker

    He's 17 and plays on loan from Totteham at Yeovil at the start of the game, he is in the England under 18's and looks a very good prospect. Probably a known player but seeing as there are no threads on him what do you all think?
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    In case you were wondering this is the new rollercoaster at Alton Towers. It was dubbed as 'the world's scariest ride' whist it was a decent ride it wasn't scary. It wasn't bad but wasn't very good either, they built it up too much in my opinion. Has anyone else been on it yet? If so, what did...
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    bcfc's Birmingham- Le God; The second coming

    About two months ago some of you may remember I had a Birmingham story. I won the FA cup in the second season and had built a pretty strong team. About halfway through the third season I had a very poor run of results which resulted in me getting sacked out of nowhere. Since then I have really...
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    Assassins Creed 2 Multiplayer for iPhone/iPod Touch

    I downloaded this for free earlier and I cannot find a match. Does anybody else have this app? If so can people post their account names and then we could hopefully start some matches! My account is bcfc.
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    The career of Josh Gregg - A bcfc story

    Hello all, As you know I am taking part in the FM-Baseshire joint story, whilst doing that I created a tactic which got me many extravagant results. I was testing this tactic with various teams and I came across Atletico Madrid, I have never played as them before and I have found it is a...
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    Built For The Future: An FM-Baseshire FC Joint Story!

    Hello all, Over the past 3 days I have been assembling a squad of members for a new team, every person involved created a player. The squad of 30 players have been put into a created team named FM-Baseshire Football Club...
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    Derby vs. Birmingham

    Prediction and banter over the cup tie! I think it will be 0-1: Chucho What do you all think?
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    FM-Baseshire Official Discussion Thread

    Well, as some of you may know I have recently made a story which is told from my created player (Alfonso Sanchez's) point of view. Over the past week me and other members have been discussing ways to put each-others players/managers into each-others stories. Yesterday Chris suggested that me and...
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    Alfonso Sanchez, Bred for greatness!

    Alfonso Sanchez - The Comeback is on! Hello all, For a few days now I have been wanting to do one of these player point of view stories and yesterday I got some inspiration checking out the Chile national team. Chile's most capped player is legend Leonel Sanchez. He is now 73 years of age, I...
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    New database?

    I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment and I was wondering if anybody wanted a database doing as I am interested in doing one? Any feedback would be helpful :) Thanks, Josh