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Built For The Future: An FM-Baseshire FC Joint Story!

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Nov 3, 2009
Hello all,
Over the past 3 days I have been assembling a squad of members for a new team, every person involved created a player. The squad of 30 players have been put into a created team named
FM-Baseshire Football Club...

FM-Baseshire FC
Founded- 2000
Chairman- Josh Gregg
Fierce Rivals- Notts County, Notts Forest
Other Rivals- Leeds, Millwall
Captain- Alfonso Sanchez
Vice Captain- Michael Dale
Division- League 2

9 members have been chosen to do this story:
King James

The selected members will take part in this: the first player perspective joint story. The challenge will be to see who can bring the best out of the players. Every player has:
95 CA
200 PA​

Only players under 21 can be signed
Storytellers should update monthly using what ever layout they like. At the end of every season the person who finishes with least challenge points is eliminated. I am betting you are all thinking, Challenge points?!​

Challenge points are awarded like this:​

League points-
Avoiding relegation - 5 points
Top half finish- 15 points
Playoff place- 20 points
Promotion- 50 points!
Top scorer- 30 points
Top assistant- 30 points
League win- 125 points​

FA Cup-
3rd round- 10 points
4th round- 15 points
5th round- 25 points
1/4 Finals- 40 points
Semis- 50 points
Final- 75 points
Winner- 100 points​

Region semis- 20 points
Region final- 30 points
Grand final- 40 points
Winner- 50 points​

League Cup-
3rd round- 10 points
4th round- 20 points
5th round- 30 points
QTR finals- 40 points
Semi finals- 50 points
Finals- 75 points
Winners- 100 points​

Does anybody want to know anything else?​
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Jan 2, 2009
10 People, doing one story, it's going to get confusing.

Good luck anyway.


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Mar 14, 2009
should it not be based on their player not their management? or am I missing the point


Like a glove!
Feb 5, 2009

29th June, 2009.

I woke up to a phonecall this morning. It was my dad: “Check Sky Sport News son, you’re in for a surprise!

I switched on the TV. As quick as my fingers could take me, I hit the numbers 405. There it was. The lovely Georgie Thompson, speaking over the phone to FM-Baseshire FC manager Wayne Thomas.

I have been interested in Michael Dale for a while now. I watched him at a Trial Day at Norwich’s Carrow Road through FootballCVAcademy. He stood out from the rest – skill, technique, everything really you need from a central midfielder. I’ve already signed Tass Bangura and Chris McTurner who attended this Trial Day, and I hope to add to my list in the coming days.

I was stunned. I dropped the Sky remote. Within a moment the phone rang again. And again. And again.

A little later on, I received another phonecall. It was Carrow Road’s Trial Day organiser Phil Trabusi. He told me of his excitement that yet another player has been scouted and noticed. We spoke about the success rate of the Academy’s Trial Days – it was unbelievable! He wished me luck, and told me to expect a phonecall within the next hour...

I waited anxiously by the phone. Sky Sports News was on all day, waiting for updates, but realising I wasn’t the only football player on the planet.

The phone rang. I jumped. I answered:


10 minutes later, and I was of the knowledge that I was closely becoming a professional footballer.

30th June, 2009.

I woke up to my alarm at exactly 10:00. I had little under two hours to prepare meeting Wayne Thomas in a hotel 30 minutes away from my house. I was nervous – rushing, forgetting things.

It was midday. The taxi driver beeped the horn, awaiting my presence. I left the house smartly dressed, ready for what will be my most important meeting ever. I sat in the car, shaking. I was so nervous; I don’t know why!

I arrived at the hotel, greeted by Managing Director Lewis Edwards. I shook his hand, and walked into the hotel. We were soon at the top level and I was welcomed by who I assumed was Wayne Thomas. He greeted me, and we walked in.

After an hour of intense conversation and discussion, we agreed on a deal. I was to be signed by Wayne Thomas to FM-Baseshire FC, earning me £250 per week. I had to move to Nottingham, but I couldn’t care less – I was too excited about starting football professionally.

1st July, 2009.

Today was possibly the best day of my life. I attended a press conference with new boss Wayne Thomas. We discussed the possibilities of the football future and the present club. We exchanged conversations with the media. The manager said that I have an important role to play in the team, but I’m not expecting to start regularly. I have to train and work hard in order to gain my place, but I’m up to the challenge.

I am now a team member of FM-Baseshire FC :)


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Nov 3, 2009
My first update! :D

A Brief Introduction
9th July 2009

I woke up with a sense of achievement for once. Usually I arise from my bed to the shouting of my mother towards my idle father, It was my first time I have lived away from my parents. It is going to be difficult for me, a 17 year old living alone in a foreign country. Anyway back to the story, about a month ago back home in Santiago I had received a phone call from a stranger:

‘Hello, Is this Alfonso Sanchez?’

‘Yes, who is this?!’

‘Oh forgive my rudeness, I am Joe Andrews: manager of FM-Baseshire football club . . .’

Next thing I remember was today, it was my first day as a player of the Coca-Cola League 2 side FM-Baseshire! I was the newest player of the 30 strong squad, when I met up with them everyone was friendly; they greeted me with smiles and showed me where things were. I was a professional footballer the profession of my great grandfather Chile legend: Leonel Sanchez. Whether I can reach the heights he did is yet to be known; only time will tell!
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Oct 10, 2009
hang on what do i do here? im a storyteller, but i have no idea what im doing, someone please help!!


May 25, 2009
I'll write this the way bfcf wrote in his Alfonso Sanchez Story. And pls dont be to harsh to me when my texts arent in correct english all the time ;<


4th July 2009

Dear Diary,
I hope you still remember me as I last opened you five years ago!
Let me introduce myself to you then:

My name is Marco Matuf and I'm a 17-years old boy from Essen, Nort-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany.

I usually spend my whole free time on the training pitch of a local club here and I'm currently doing a job-training as car-mechanic.

Until now football was only a hobby and I never tought I'd become a professional footballer.(Yes! Even when everybody told me i would.)

But when i woke up and looked on my cellphone i was surprised to see i missed 20 new messages over the night. And it was not until 9:00 pm!
Most of them were from my Dad. My Dad never called from work so i immediately dialed his number and phoned him.

"Dad? Could u pls tell me why u called me hundreds of times?"

"Thank god! You're finally up! Go check your e-mails. You are invited to England today! Your coach send a video to teams in England..."


"...and the team of FC Baseshire invited you to play on a Trial day in England. If you want you can go. Your mom's ****** but i could convince her to let you go. I hope you'll go boy!
You have talent and i never understood why you wouldnt want to join a bigger football team. Love ya!"

I couldn't believe it! An english football club? Me? When i opend my email i realised my dad told me the truth.

Neverthless: I gotta stop now. A plane's waiting for me.
Luckily i got vacation for a week so there wont be any problems for me!

Going to tell you what happend when everything is over! Maybe I'll be even an professional footballer by then. And to truth be told: The job as car-mechanical sucks!

Having said this: Cya soon!


gonna play now. have fun everybody (H)
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Nov 3, 2009
Basically you write what has happened from your players point of view. The winner is decided by the points system in the OP!
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