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Recent content by beefster

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    The Devils Rejects

    Not really a new film, but I watched it on dvd this weekend and just wondered if any of you have seen it and what you thought about it. It was not what I was expecting at all, but I thought it was a good film, pretty much kept my interest from start to finish, which is a good sign, I won't say...
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    Animated Images

    What's the deal with animated images I tried to upload one as my profile pic, but it says I'm not authorised, do you need a certain rank to upload gifs as I see others have them?
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    Still don't have my copy of FM06 from play yet :( and to top it all off I went in woolies yesterday and saw it at £14.99 - 3 quid cheaper than what I paid for it. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
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    Hi there, I'm new, you'd never guess hey!

    Well I'm from Nottingham, and I support the "real" club from Nottingham Notts County of course, Haven't got FM2006 yet but it was posted 28/12/2005, so not long now. Havent played since CM4 was first released, but have played every CM since the begining, CMItalia, during school lunch breaks at...