Dec 30, 2005
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Still don't have my copy of FM06 from play yet :( and to top it all off I went in woolies yesterday and saw it at £14.99 - 3 quid cheaper than what I paid for it.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?
Yea that does **** you off when it happens but hey what you going 2 do
Play usually only take 3 days for me but with it being a busy period in the year I imagine it would take abit longer. If it has been more than 14 days then contact customer services and complain your **** off about poor delivery and how <insert other game sales site here> will offer you a better service, you'll get a reply within the hour saying your delivery has been sorted and we're sorry about any inconvenience blah blah. If it hasn't been 14 days then all you can do is wait im afraid :(
Doesn't play deliver things in five days maximum?
They say 3-5 days but there is a 14 day waiting period before they can track lost orders.
Yeah they used to give you a tracking number when you ordered so you could track it online, I guess they don't do that anymore, besides I don't mind waiting I guess, I'm just gutted I could have had it sooner and paid less for it. :(
There was adverts for FM 06 at woolies on the tv

Anyway I think ive waited 6-7 days with play but stil no dvds/games
I ordered FM on christmas day and it came in 4 days which was good
Douy said:
I ordered FM on christmas day and it came in 4 days which was good

I ordered on 28/12/2005 and I got confirmation that it was posted on 29/12/2005, so I'm guessing anytime this week it'll come, the sooner the better WoW is really boring me now. :/
Yes I do, but I really don't have the time to spend 6-8 hours infront of the computer to do those end game intances, the wife hates the **** game. :(

Anyone want to buy an account lvl 60 Warlock lol
Isn't 60 the highest level you can get? One of my friends at school plays it and said lvl 60 was the best
yeah the cap is 60, but once you get there there's not a lot to do unless you have lot's of free time to play, some of the endgame instances take anything up to 8 hours to play through, depending on the group you go with, and it's a tactical nightmare, imagine 40 ppl all being wiped out by one boss just because someone made a mistake.
WoW sounds like one big game. I had a quick stint on Star Wars Galaxies whihc i enjoyed but I didnt have the time or money to continue.
It sounds rubbish to be honest - I don't have the patience or the determination to play games like that. I think I'd play for like a day then get bored/****** off at it.
I dont see why you should pay £30 fir a game then pay another £4.99 a month to play it.
I cant either but when i played it a didnt have a debit card so i used my mates and I let him have the account before the free month was up
hehe WoW is worse that's £9.99 a month, total rip off when you hit lvl 60, but the bit from lvl 1-59 is fun the first time you do it as it's all new. ;)
wooo I got my play shiz today & the stuff I ordered off ebayy