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    Great Yrmouth is the club I am (level 10) I have no money to spend but I can get players on loan for a month or 3 months, most of the Players I have aren't really real unfortunately. I'm in the English Eastern Cotuniers Diviosn one. I don't need a striker nor a CM but I may need a RB and a LM...
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    Rodrigo Possebon

    Right i'm a wee little bit confused on fm09 i'm sure they oput him as spanish/portugese, but on fm10 they've put him as Italian. What's going on ?
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    Lincoln United

    Would like any help that can be offered im not bothered about tactics atm or strikers just need a new GK and a few CB's for my Lincoln United team. Got £5k to spend!
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    Best Game Ever thread.

    Please state what you think is the best game ever to come out, it can be anything a gameboy game, dreamcast, Megadrive, PS1, PS2, Xbox etc etc. for me It's Fallout 3 changed the RPG forever.
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    Lincoln sack Jacko

    Lincoln City have sacked both Iffy Onuora and Peter Jackson with Immediate iffect. At least he got us a few good players, Lincoln City had the odds to get promoted this season. And guess who is going to be there new manager ME, only kidding
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    Vauxhall Motor - The Motormen

    Hey people, I've started a new game as the Motormen Vauxhall motors FC. I'm in need a of some players who will come to me i'm first working on a training schedule to get my teams fitness up and to make them full-time instead of part -time. cash I can spend is .... £0.00K and I've got £3.9k I...
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    My New Arsenal Squad season 3 10/11

    Hey guys this is the squad so far i've got for from my last 2 seasons, now I need to get new players in sell a few oldis and bring in 20 year olds. Got a 21 yr old defender Erik Peiters coming in for £11m. I can't seem to get a lot out of Walcott though. Help me with that please.
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    Adriano for Whom?

    I'm half way through my second season in charge of Arsenal, and Adriano who I bought at the start of the season is complaining by lock of goals even though he is my impact signing. I've transfer listed him and he's bein sold for £22m to Aston Villa. But who shall I go for to replace im and i'm...