Vauxhall Motor - The Motormen


Nov 26, 2008
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Hey people, I've started a new game as the Motormen Vauxhall motors FC. I'm in need a of some players who will come to me i'm first working on a training schedule to get my teams fitness up and to make them full-time instead of part -time.

cash I can spend is .... £0.00K and I've got £3.9k I can spend on wages.

My aim is to make them a top flight team all :).

Any help at all would be helpful.
err , no money , good luck mate i wouldnt even try that lol
I don't have any specific recommendations but i would say try to get loans from league teams and also get a parent club which will send you loan players. If you have a parent club you can also normally loan their reserves or under 18's for little or now wages. Have a look at free transfers but i doubt that you could get any of the best players their, and also use the trial days to find players
I've just signed ***** Roberts who's got league 2 stats and a gk with the name of Gerard Bokuma is awesome.
I'd recommend loading Reunion and France and go through all the amateur teams, they usually have absolute gems.. capable of playing up to League 1/League 2.
look in my thread of players: CA 100-200 ect and good cheap players there are many players that are good there
Good luck mate :) check out my vauxhall thread or pm me if you need any help.
I started this game knowing nothing about football, soccer as we call it, and started as the worste team I could find, being Vauxhall. I admit I researched online quite a bit to understand strategy and gameplay. I have also ran franchises on other sports games, and carried over some strategy from them. My most successful idea was to overload payrole and go for broke. The boardroom complained to me all season that player saleries were out of control, but the team recieved bonuses for winning, and I won promotion. After that payroll was increased, I switched to a more responsible payroll, and focused on youth. I avoided religation my first year in blue square premier, am and in the hunt for promotion now in my second year. I use Supersonic tactics that can be found online, with some minor adjustments to fit the team I have built. I use only one DM and add a AMC.