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Recent content by borobadger

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    Help for lower levels?

    I'm having a go at managing a team that's on level 9 of the English pyramid, but I'm finding it harder than I thought it would be. Does anyone have any advice for working with basically no wage budget? thanks
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    Can't offer contracts even with wages left over

    I have over 20k of free wages left, yet the most I can offer is 2.5k a week, even for key players. I can't renew any contracts or sign any new players because they all want more that 2.5k. I can't ask the board to sort it out so is there anything I can do?
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    Fm 13 badge problem

    i used a fm badge pack on the beta (metallic), and it works fine, the only problem is a few minor graphics are missing... but everyone plays in red, so matches are pointless because you cant tell whos who. Can anyone help? ive tried verifying the cache but i cant seem to fix it