Apr 7, 2011
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I'm having a go at managing a team that's on level 9 of the English pyramid, but I'm finding it harder than I thought it would be. Does anyone have any advice for working with basically no wage budget? thanks
sign them on non contract deals or semi pro deals mate JUST LOOK FOR FREEBIEES
I started with Boldmere St.Michaels in the Midland Football Alliance, the first season was disappointing as didn't realise my exact strategy with which I was going to be successful, I soon gained momentum and in seasons 2 and 3 I gained back to back promotions with no wage budget and now in my 4th season I'm in the playoffs looking at promotion to the Blue Sq North (albeit with a small wage budget, used to secure my best players.)

But anyway, tips;
- Search Youth Departures/Released players in each loaded country. I've captured some stars this way; Shaquile Coulthirst, William Ekong, Ryan Mckinnon, De'Reece Vanderhyde, Jordan Williams.
-Ignore reports and recommendations, if the stats are there, sign them up. Phil Creaney (Scottish Centre Mid) is a perfect example for me.
-Speed,Strength,Determination, and Work Rate are all key at this level.
-Although young fresh players are great, golden oldies are great to keep the kids in check.
- I've found success getting mediocre coaches in, and giving everyone the individual focus of the position you want them to play.
-Ignore your board, they're useless, unless they're sugardaddy fronted that is.
-Sign as many non-contract as you like, release the unhappy and the rubbish, but it's better to sign them than miss out.

Good Luck!
Iva had a go at this aswell playing as my team I play for In the level 11 but it freezes a few weeks into the game any idea why??