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    One Season Challenges

    I got the idea for this series from WorkTheSpace and its simply a series of small challenges that only last one season, any suggestions would be appreciated. I will link my attempts to the titles. OSC#1 Rebuild Sothampton (WorkTheSpace) This is simply a challenge where all of Southamptons'...
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    Goalkeepers outfield stats?

    This may seem strange but I was wondering if there is a way to see a goalkeepers outfield stats without having to use a program like FMLE? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Lenovo G580

    I would like your opinions on wether this laptop can play FM13 if I load 1-5 leagues and a medium/large database. I would also greatly appreciate any other Laptop suggestions for £300 or less that would be better. Please do not say a desktop will be better as I know this. But what I need is a...
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    The Blue Citizens of Manchester

    I have Started a Manchester City save in FM classic and I am going to attempt to write a story of my progress. It will hopefully contain small traces of humour but it is mostly meant as a serious save in which I attempt to get success. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and...
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    British RB who's premier league level

    For my West Brom save I have roughly 5m and I need a u21 British right back who will be a key player at premier league level in the future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    A british Man City

    This is Kewlwarez's post and all the credit should go to him for this chalenge. I couldnt see it up so i thought id post it. Im sure many of you have already attempted this but if you havent, its an amazing challenge and well worth a go. Also read kewlwarezes story as it is amazing. To...
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    I was just wondering why everyone wants jose mourinho to manage their club( eg Chelsea). I would hate it if Mourinho were to manage any club that I support because his style of play is just not nice. I hated it when Inter went through the rounds in 2010 in the CL. Especially when they beat...
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    Cai123 is back

    I know uve missed me( not) but im back with a new account because i cant access my old one. If any of the moderaters are able to find a problem with my old account i would appreciate if i can re access it. Thanks.