A british Man City

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Mar 6, 2012
This is Kewlwarez's post and all the credit should go to him for this chalenge. I couldnt see it up so i thought id post it. Im sure many of you have already attempted this but if you havent, its an amazing challenge and well worth a go. Also read kewlwarezes story as it is amazing.
To summarise the challenge you have to Start with the current (July 2012) Man City squad and Replace every non-British/english(up to you) player and Get british/English replacements
Man City have the following English players.

1 GK Joe Hart
2 DF Micah Richards (injured)
6 DF Joleon Lescott
7 MF James Milner
11 MF Scott Sinclair
17 MF Jack Rodwell
18 MF Gareth Barry (injured)

Everybody else needs to be sold and replaced. Who will you get?