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Recent content by Chamakh20

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    Training problem

    HEy I got problems.... I don't know how to say about this problem.Just see this. After I create new schedules, I can change their schedules training.Example I can't change Matej Delac training in ST to GK.My old schedules that I had created all gone...
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    Problem here!

    Hey everyone, I just wanna asking how to upload picture in fm2011 to fm-base. And how to download skin, I had download it but don't know how to apply it to my fm 2011?
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    Need Good Dribbler and Crosser for my Chelsea team!!!

    Hello everyone... I'm now having fight with my winger Keko.So, he's likely will leave.So guys, I want replace him with AMR that have high dribbling and crossing(pace is bonus).Which AMR I can buy less than about 20m and still young?
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    Scouting nation

    Hey guys, Im with Chelsea.And I want to add an Asian footballer to my team.I choose south korea.But i have problem.... When i open their player, their all list with grey.So, I send a scout n now he has 100 knowledge about the nation.But still I cant buy them n they still list with grey... Wat...
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    Feeder club

    How i choose feeder club?I keep asking board to find one n they unable to find for me... How I choose feeder club myself?I dont want board find for me, I want I find myself.How I do that?
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    Danny Wilson-Liverpool Wonderkid

    I bought him from liverpool for my chelsea squad just for back up.First, fans dislike him but then, he become Fans Player of The Year 2 times in row.And the best thing he achieve is runner up for Defender of the Year at age 21.Now, Real, Barca, United n Liverpool want them but I told tthem to...
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    Big problem!!!

    Cech dont happy coz my team is underachieving(but now we turn the corner) but he still dont happy.He now in transfer listed n i need good replacement.I try get hart, lloris n de gea but their clubs rejected.Need help!Currently I use Delac for this time...
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    need creative playmaker for chelsea

    I need creative playmaker that have good dribbling n long shots also passing for lampard replacement?Any suggestion?
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    Dying Chelsea Team need help!!!

    Last season, I won treble.But next, wat a rubbish.Drogba seem to leave, Cech and Cole seem underconfident on me.... Please help...
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    Which formation is not struggle to play opponent that used 4-4-2?

    My staff advice me that my team is struggle against opponent who play 4-4-2.I tried 4-3-3,4-5-1 but the result is same.... My team will hard scoring goal n dominate posession against 4-4-2...
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    4-2-4... What is suitable tactic?

    I used 4-2-4 formation.I believe this is good formation... just want to know wat r the tactics must used for this formation?
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    Need Goal Formationn

    Currently I do like this... ---------------Drogba----------------Rossi-------------- ----Malouda-------------------------------Kalou------ ---------------Essein--------------Lampard------------- 4-2-4...
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    Need 2 strikers...

    Hey guys.... My Chelsea team r unbeaten yet.However, goalscoring is their problem.My team will win with 1 or 2 goals difference.I need beast strikers... One for Complete Forward(Attack) n Deep Lying Forward(Support).I try get Neymar but Shakhtar want 30m for him!!! Holy **** I can buy Donovan...
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    Englisg GK need

    Im looking for new English GK as cech getting older.... I try buy Butland but Man Utd got him....
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    Kalou: Winger or striker?

    Everybody know Kalou definitely a striker... But in my game, I try play him on wing(part him with Malouda).N the result not disppointed me.They both really amazing.Chelsea never lose if both play together. I confuse, which is his really position... If he play striker, hes good too...