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    help with trying to install reserve an youth leagues

    Hi all I am trying to create a reserve and youth league just like the proper english 1 i have put super blademan but when i set up new nation rules i cant add reserve or youth leagues to the reserve youth part can someone help me please cheers Chris
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    steam once only activation help

    Hi all is there away to only instal it through steam then play without logging into steam cause every time i play i have it loads steam up even though i bought the game on CD and also is it possible to put the files on external hard drive as thats where i play FM from, as when i instal it it...
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    game crashing on 19th June 2011

    hi all i am in june 2011 with additonal leagues going down to level 11 with england and every time it crashes on 19th June 2011 can someone help me please cheers Chris
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    help needed

    Hi all tonight i have created a reserve and youth leagues (not finished youth yet) and also have the real fixtures file but i can't use them both at the same time is there any thing i can do to add the real fixtures file to my new nation rules cheers chris
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    loads of current tactics on tactic screan

    hi all on my tactic screan i have the 442 save a 433 save thewn 6 or more current can someone help me please i don't know why they are there
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    laptop keeps over heating help

    hi all i have a dell xps laptop, and it keeps over heating while playing football manager. my comp is using windows 7 with 5.3 index on primary hard drive and both graphics og 5.9 what can i do to stop it cheers Chris
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    help with error messaging

    hi all today i played fm10 and it worked fine i had to restart my comp due to updates and now i keep getting XML Phasing error with not well-forrmed at line 1 of default.xml can someone help me please cheers chris
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    array access out of bounds warning

    hi all i keep getting this warning when in games can some1 help me please^^)
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    Man United ads

    Hi all, can anyone make me some man united style ads for the ad boreds cheers chris
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    help with 25 player in EPL 2010/2011

    Hi all I was told to register 25 player under 21 don't have to register them but when i put the da silva twins down as they are under 21 it says to many players registerd help please cheers chris
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    missing squad numbers

    hi all i started a new game today and all the squad numbers have gone from all the english league clubs and in league games the players numbers are 1-18. can some one help me please wiht this cheers chris
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    is it possible someone could do a non league logo pack

    hi all is it possible for someone to do an non league logo pack. for fm10 as i am managing fc halifax town and there isnt a logo for them cheers
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    how to use the editor without crashing on start up with steam

    hi can someone help me get the editor working please as i keep getting crashes when i load it it cheers
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    editor crashes with steam

    i bought the game on steam and it works the 2nd time i installed but the editor just keeps crashing to the desktop can someone help me please
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    steam release date?

    when is it availble for steam download it says its avalilible from midnight 31st october is that correct as i know a few people already have it and if it is right why does steam have it out a day later then every where else. chris