Dec 16, 2008
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hi all
i am in june 2011 with additonal leagues going down to level 11 with england and every time it crashes on 19th June 2011 can someone help me please cheers
It's the end of the Inca's calendar...

Maybe you have too much loaded? have you tried a re-install?
This could be due to your saved game becoming corrupt. Unfortunately I know no way of solving this but if anyone does then feel free to post and I will add it to the OP. Your saved game is probably corrupt if it works fine but the game always crashes at certain date, no matter how many times you try. If your other saved games work fine then your saved game has probably become corrupt. You can prevent corrupt saves from being too disastrous by constantly backing up your game so you can reload to a point that's not too far back from the affected save.
try starting a new game and holiday to 19 June 2011 and see if you can get passed it. If yes then I would say your game is corrupt
holiday from 18th june to 20th june. should do the trick ;)
if that works you are my new best friend lol :D ;)
lol will start a new game and save it then load this won up and try it if it works then yayyye if not cheers for idea

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right did it again time to load up new save and take auto save off lol
fm2011 to level 11 build 2.02 can't remember who did it sorry.
how long will it take to get to 2011 lol :(
yeah RTCs it is okay but there is a few problems with it but it should be okay if this continues i have a level 12 db its currently awaiting approval
ok kool how long will it be lol, and is there anywhere i can download it from.
it will be on this website when it is approved Should be up to 48hours. Additional leagues it will be in there when approved.
I had this happen to me once, and I had the 3 part rolling autosave every month. It would crash in October 2011 every time I loaded the September autosave. But then I loaded the August autosave, I was able to get through it fine. Sometimes random stuff makes it corrupt.
Just bumping this for anyone else searching for this bug. It's a known bug due to an issue that was in patch 11.2.

It's to do with a non-league club winning the French Cup due to an issue which was in 11.2.

Aslong as you haven't made too many edits to the database etc you should be able to get it fixed by uploading it to SI Games FTP server and posting in this thread.