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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Whats your twitch id?
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    FMKorea 433 Final Victory

    What role do you think you would need to change the MEZ to to be able to balance up the AML as a winger?
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    Playing FM Touch on 20.2.3 still but awesome stuff! Got the occasional random battering away from home from some big teams though....
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    Pipped by Man City by goal difference on the last day! Probably the most enjoyable 1st season save I have had with Spurs, just feels right if that makes sense.
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    Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99

    Yeh, central defenders are nearly always fully green as CD as opposed to BPD! The tactic has been horrendous with Norwich lol, would be interested to see how others do with it.
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    Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99

    I purely adjusted what ThePav already had there, for me the game is all about regens, there are far more natural winger regens than there are IF's
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    Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99

    1st game of season with Norwich!
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    Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99

    christrott uploaded Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99 Leave feedback below.
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    Pav 4-2-3-1 Spirit of 99 20.2.3

    This is the Pav's 4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99, I have moved the wingers in to the AML/AMR positions making a 4231. Great success with Spurs 1st season, winning league with 97 points. I am sure can be improved further by those that know what they are doing! Going to run a test with Norwich today.
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    I’m the same as you guys, desperate for a working 4231/4123 this year! Any tweaks that can be tested would be appreciated, happy for the 4231 I’m using to be tested if ok with Pav?
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    Can you put up a screenshot of your away 4123? Only downside is the amount of yellows and reds!
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    Tweaked to a 4231 with Spurs 1st season.
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    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    Moved the wingers to the AML/AMR positions to make a 4231. Won league with Spurs 1st season with 97 points. Best tactic I have used so far!
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    FMKorea West Ham 3th Season ChL winner

    What’s the thinking behind the different roles for the AML/AMR?