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    San Marino Challenge

    I always used to love the San Marino challenge, taking charge of the national team and the club team and seeing how far you could take both however I can no longer find the club on the game. Are we able to do this challenge with any other club/national team?
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    Best way to utilise coaching staff

    Hi all, I have started my obligatory Manchester city save on the beta. One thing I have never really paid attention to before is the coaching staff. My question is, is it better to have coaches who are 19-20 in one specific area or should I be looking at coaches who are more well rounded and...
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    Goalkeeper for leeds second season

    Can anyone recommend a new goalkeeper for leeds in the second season. I took over them in December in the first season and rescued them from relegation. I am now looking for promotion this season and need a prem ready keeper. Budget of arounf 8-10 mil or loan
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    Best way to develop player??

    I have had the attached player come through my academy in the first youth intake. He seems to be the best player I have received for a very long time! Can any one recommend the best way to develop him into the best player he can be? Any individual training sessions to put him on?
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    Worth starting a new game?

    I am currently coming to the end of my first season as Manchester city which I started on the beta. My question is is it worth starting a new game now the full game has been released or will my save continue to run as normal just with the updated patch?
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    Approaching to sign players whose contracts expire in six months

    Hi guys, Currently doing my first save on fm18 as man city. Into the January window and I am trying to sign Alexis on a free in the summer but it won't let me enter contract negotiations with him. I always thought that if a player had less than six months on his contract you could approach to...
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    Youngsters in first team

    Hi Guys, I am just starting a new FM 18 Beta save and was wondering if it is better to keep youngsters in the first team squad or the reserve squad? If they are in the first team squad do they get involved with training and improve because of the quality players they are training with? Or...
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    Left back needed

    Hi all, I am currently looking for a left back for my man city team, currently in January first season. Kolarov has just been sold as he wanted to leave and Clichy is good enough to get me through the first season but needs to be replaced. I am not looking to splash the cash on Alaba. I would...
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    The English Saviour Cometh: A Gareth Southgate Story

    I have been a long time lurker on these FM-Base Stories and have loved them! This is my first foray into the world of Football Manager story writing so any feedback and ideas for how to move forward will be much appreciated! As with most English football fans I think I have become quite...
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    Decisions Decisions

    I have just won the FA cup with derby in 2016 and have been offered the job in international management from 4 different teams; Holland, Spain, France and England. Has anyone had any experience managing any of them? Which country is likely to get the better regens as the country I do take over I...
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    Best Staff

    Hi Guys, just wondering who were the best staff members to get in each role, I'm looking for a new Assistant Manager, Head of youth development and a director of football as who I have at the moment aren't quite good enough. I'm Aston Villa in my second season, managed to finish 4th last year so...
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    Aston Villa second season

    So guys, had an unbelievable season with Aston Villa finishing 4th on goal difference above Manchester city. They won the champions league though so not sure what happens now so if anyone knows that would be useful, I know Tottenham got demoted to the Europa league when Chelsea won. Anyway my...
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    James Wilson

    Has anyone had any experience with him as I have a few questions? Does he turn out to be class? Whats his best role? What Division is he willing to come down to in the first season? Thinking about starting a long term save and saw he had very decent potential in my west ham save but he didn't...
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    How do I search jobs?

    Am I just being an idiot or have some of the pages gone missing from last year? I can't find job security or available jobs anywhere or find the players/staff pages
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    Best tactic for southampton?

    I am starting a new game with southampton and i want to play 4-2-3-1 with 3 amc's is there any plug and play tactics available as it's coming to crunch time in uni and this is just used a stress relief until it's all over!! or has any one had any success with certain formations at southampton, i...