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    Champions League

    As you can see I finished level on points with Copenhagen, but I had a better goal difference and scored more, conceded less. How did they qualify?
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    Crush at Celtic Park

    I was at the game tonight and something happened around the Green Brigade area with everyone looking. I sit above so I couldn't see what happened but my friend texted me saying there had been a crush and stretchers etc had been involved. Also the Green Brigade was silent for the last half hour...
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    FM's a genius

    Throughout the years of FM I always find myself in awe of it's awesome psychic abilities. I mean who could have saw Aston Villa in relegation trouble, and yet when I got the game at christmas and still playing it on the default setting (no patches) Villa are in trouble all the time, down the...
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    Do you get paid for international jobs?

    Just a quick question, do you get paid in FM for an international job? I am currently Espanyol and Brasil and I can only see me Espanyol wage. In real life you do get paid so I was just wondering? Thanks
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    Theo Walcott- make or break season

    Simple, Theo Walcott has come under severe critisism as he was not progressing. Now, at the start of the season he seems to be revitalised with 4 goals in 3 games. People are now saying he could finally be on his way. So, do you think he will progress and keep this form up this season? Will he...
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    Chasing Acceptance - A Clark_Messi Story

    Diego Maradona The name itself sparks a reaction to anyone who has ever kicked a ball. Arguably the best footballer in the history of the beautiful game, his genious and ability have always been shrouded in controversy. The prodical son of Argentina was born in Lanus on the outskirts...
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    Best comedy ever

    What do you guys think is the best comedy movie of all time? I absolutely love My cousin Vinnie. So what do you guy's think? What is the absolute best!
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    Skins or the Inbetweeners?

    It started out as an argument between me and a couple of my friends, so I just wanted to see the general opinion. In my opinion The Inbetweeners is obviously much funnier but I'd say Skins is slightly better, although I love them both :D
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    Middlesborough-Scottish Contingent

    So Gordon Strachan has bought half the old firm's players and basically changed Middlesborough to Scotland. So do you think this will work. Are his Scottish contingent good enough to gain promotion. Just wondering what you guys think of his gamble?
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    Whole team's contract expires

    Hey, so I just started my Birmigham season and I saw that Liverpool were signing Jadson on a free as usual so I deceided to look through Shakhtar's team and wierdly every player I went to had their contracts expired and I could approach to sign them. Every Player. And it wasn't even that...