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    U23 Tactics to differ from Main tactics

    Yes, via Development Centre --> U23s/U18s --> Tactics The option is unfortunately not showing up if you are in control of their training, the youth need to be in control of one of your staff members
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    442 - Keeping it simple - Recommended for smaller clubs

    hey yall, hope everyone of you has had an enjoying time playing FM18 like I do :D There's not so much to say about it but I have implemented all the relevant tweaks and/or performance enhancing instructions through player roles. Didn't have too much time to play yet, but I "created" this...
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    Pack of Tactics - 4132DM Wide, 352 Flat & 3-2-3-2 Juventus|realistic touch

    hi all, in the past few weeks I've been exploring the way of the AI more and more and trying to bring both gamebreaking aspects and AI default styles together. While doing that I have had the Tactical Theorems & Framework e-book open to further improve player instructions like closing down &...
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    4231DM Wide, Testing needed

    Hi, I've created a 4-2DM-3W-1 tactic, with quite a special formula. In the formation, there are two Fullbacks who are set on "Automatic" duty. This is the first clue. The team Mentality is set to "Contain". So, basically, this will just tell the defenders on both sides to defend. Via player...
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    3223 Lower League Harakiri

    This is a tweak of TheDuke's 5230 which I've found the best defensively this year. Original Topic - http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-17-tactics/362037-5230-park-bus-wba-win-epl-solid-performance.html I've made some changes to the instructions, especially to make the Formation...
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    3-2-2-2-1 TWEAK of Knap's JOURNEYMAN3421 with IFs

    Yo, this is a tweak of Knap his tactic "FM17.3.1JOURNEYMAN3421". Much possession of ball, entertaining attacking play, nice, safe, build-up passing. So, what I did change is taking the two Shadow Strikers to the outer MID positions respectively. Plus I cheated on the tactics instructions to...
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    My plan of Total Football - A Football Manager creation

    This is by far the most individual formula I could possibly create at the moment and it seems to top all of those copys and similiar stuff compared to. Formation I have posted my thoughts about opposition instructions in the thread "Different tactics around the World" and those instructions...
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    Artisan's Guide to Teamtalks

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, this thread is just about to stick Artisan's Teamtalk Guide for FM14 to these boards, they are working insanely well from then on and belong remembered...
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    Artisan's Guide to Teamtalks

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, this thread is just about to stick Artisan's Teamtalk Guide for FM14 to these boards, they are working insanely well from then on and belong remembered...
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    442 Narrow Diamond - High Tempo, aggressive, Brendan Rodgers style

    442 Narrow Diamond Attacking Formation Formation & Instructions Hey folks. I created this tactic last weekend for fun after I saw it beating me 4-0 with ease, never thought I could get close to it, but I tried and it works brilliantly. I have used it with 2 teams by now, Werder Bremen and...
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    Unexpected Findings - Tactics beyond FM-Base

    I didn't quite know how to share this tactic with you guys as is it isn't mine at any means, so I thought I'd start an overall thread where people could show their tactics with results from other sites, in example the FM-Korea ones or from the Steam Workshop, like the one I don't want to hide...
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    5-3-2 creative try

    Hello, I try to setup a balanced but creative 532 in my current save but it won't let me. I would be thankful for any advice it is really causing stir in my head. ... LINK (of Formation) and yeah not a five-three-two at all ! ... ...
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    4-3-1-2 Earlier Milan Formation, Barca Pass'N'Move, average 65% Possession

    Hey all, I was very happy to rotate FuSS V3, Marcelo V2 and Knaps 106 points every 5 matches, they all brought good results to me, so first of all, thanks to all of 'em. Yesterday a turkish bud of me sent me a tactic from some turkish forums, created by some well-known guy called Uysaler...