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    Premiership 2nd season

    Recently got promoted from Championship with Fulham, now need to strengthen all areas of my team. Currently looking for GK, DC, DL, DR, ML, MC, MR, AMC and SC.
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    Corner routine anyone

    Hi, mates. Does anyone have a well-working corner routine? I struggle to build a good one at the moment.
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    AMC for Fulham 1st season

    Hi everybody. I need an AMC at winter transfer window for Fulham. Sold Josabed, he was completely inconsistent, but Paolo Farago whom I bought instead didn't convince me he is able to perform at this level. So your opinions, please.
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    Players for Championship 1st Season

    Hi, mates. I started my game with Fulham so I may need an advise. GK, DC, MC, MR (AMR), ML (AML), SC needed as I'm going to rebuild the squad. The players I already have I'm gonna try to sell at winter's window as I feel they do not have the required qualities. I've read many things about...
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    Fulham GK First season

    Keepers that I have in my squad are weak, Kalinic, Khune, Seung-Gyu seem to be uninterested, some others are too expensive. Jose Sa accepted my bid but I'm currently delaying him, his skills are a bit average. Any ideas, mates?
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    Championship signings 3rd season

    Just got promoted with my Carlisle side to the Championship. Some decent signings needed. Transfer Budget is around 10M, need to strengthen all the positions.
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    Bosman targets for Fulham 1st season

    I'm on my way to promotion, any good players I can offer contract in winter, please.