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Recent content by Craig Dunning

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    England- 45 years of hurt

    Capello Resigns Capello Resigns as manager of England, it is believed it is because he is missing training with players every day, like he would in Club Football. It is Believed that England want a young,English manager to replace Capello. The Early Favourites for the Job are : Favourites...
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    Can I join anyone's network game

    I was wondering if there was a nettwork game i could join, if there is message me
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    Chelsea after Ancelotti

    it's over
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    Arsenal hunting for Trophies

    it's all over now
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    Wenger Resigns

    Wenger Quits Today, news shocked the world, that Arsene Wenger has resigned as Arsenal Manager, it is believed to be for personal reasons. The Arsenal Chairman had this to say " We are very proud of what Arsene has done with the club, we will be looking to appoint a young manager who will...
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    Burnley Back In the Prem

    Laws Walks Out! Brian Laws today shocked and pleased, Burnley supporters by handing in his Resignation to the chairman. This is what the Chairman had to say " I would like to thank Brian for all his hard work in making Burnley FC as good and as big as he possibley could. We will be looking to...