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Recent content by dafc94

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    East Preston 2013/2014 - need help!!

    Hey guys, I am in a desperate need for some Conference or League 2 quality players. i have a 92k budget and can offer around 600 pounds per week wage. Any position, from gk to st, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, dafc94 ---------- Post added 30/05/2011 at 01:32 PM ----------...
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    Players for luton in the championship/Premier League

    Hey guys, i am currently in January 2014 and am course to gain promotion to the Premier League. I am obvs looking for players who can keep me up in the Premier League. Does anyone know any players who would be good or better in the Premier League. My budget atm is around 4-5 million so i have...
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    staff assessment tool

    hey guys, when i was looking through some staff to enrole for my team i remembered that last year (fm10) there was this tool where you typed in the attributes of the staff and it told you how many stars they were at training. but i cant find it again.....! does anyone know what i am talking...
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    best staff for league 2

    i am dover athletic in the league two after 2 consecutive promotions. i am in the year 2012 so fairly new carear. anyway can anyone reccomend any good or leading staff for league 2. all suggestions accepted. many thanks in advance. dafc94
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    League 1 and above players

    I thought i would make this thread so that everyone could share great players at preferably low prices for league one and above. But it has to be under the England database only! So as soon as you've found the gem, post him here with the following criteria: Name: Age: Position: Club...
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    staff suggestions?

    hey. I am dover athletic in bsp in the 2nd season. I am in the summer transfer market and am in desperate need for some quality coaches for my level and slightly beyond. Any suggestions appreciated. I am looking for any type of coach from gk to physio. thank in advance.
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    Fa cup glitch! HELP!

    hi everyone I just recently started a new career with Man City and when the draw came up for the 3rd round, every non league team and league 2 to premier league team was still in the competition. Because of the huge amount of teams my second season started half a month earlier and the carling...
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    Best back room staff for league one?

    hi. i am wrexham in league 1 and i dont seem to find any quality low pay backroom staff. any names would be appreciated greatly. many thanks in advance.
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    How to retreave deleted games?

    hey, i accidently deleted my fm 10 saved game yesterday. i have tried recuva and nothing... is there anything else i can do??? thanks in advance
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    How do i play with teams in the 10 tire of england

    i know this has been posted before but i cant find it anywhere. I wanna know where i can download the file so i can play with teams lower than the blue sqaure south?? many thanks in adance. :P
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    How do you get Fm 10 skins on to the acual game?

    I have downloaded the BBC skin and it is in my documents but i dont know how to get it onto my fm 10 game. I have tried everything. :S I am using a pc. many thanks in advance