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    best tablet for FM

    like your good selves, love playing FM, but due to having wife and kids find time difficult at home SO need advice, which (resonable priced) tablet do you reccomend to play FM with all suggestions welcomed
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    Lower league players

    sorry if there is a previous post , but... would like your help can you give me suggestions of lower league players, championship downwords that could do a job for a top 4 premier league team. Im arsenal and would like to sign a player from these clubs I have signed J.Lewis from Peterborough...
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    Championship 70s

    just read a articul on Stuff magazine about a new app on apple, new game based on game BUT with players from the 1970. Im not gonna review the game as it has is pluses and minus. But what a great concept. would love FM to put out a real "special edition" game(s) from 60s, 70s 80s etc with the...
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    Dear fellow FM lovers looking for some top sporting books, idealy about managers and tactics and their way of thinking. Got some books about Bobby Robson, Sven Goran Erikson, Arsene Wenger. Even got Mike Brearley (art of captaincy), and The art of war by Sun Tzu which are great books. any...
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    Assistant Manager

    Just started my Arsenal save with Pat Rice as my Assistant Manager with very high stats. Just would like to know if any of you fellow players automatically change your Assistant Manager. If so how? My thinking is that I want someone who used to play fairly recently and enjoyed success. I have...
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    English Gk & DC

    hello fellow FM lovers Im playing as Arsenal and trying to input more English blood into my squad. looking for young english Goalkeeper and Centre Back. please post screenshot if possible. I have been looking at Dann who plays for birmingham as Central Defender and has good stats. Thankyou...
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    Late starter

    does anyone know of any late bloomers/starters on any version of FM. where there stats were low but rose incredably latter in their career. i.e Im sure Drogbas stats when in his late teens early twenties were not high or a good indication of the world class player he is today, same with...
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    Back to the future

    Will like to know if anyone tries to buy a current ex player that you think your club should not have sold. to get the ball rolling I think Arsenal should not have sold Diarra to portsmouth (now R Madrid) so i will try buy him back on new FM2011 Please can someone of higher learning then...
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    My new tactic for 2011

    This will be my new tactic for 2010/2011. Including realistic tranfer buy I will be Arsenal 4 2 3 1 Joe Hart Goalkeeper Sagna, Clithy, Vanharleran, Mersacker Defence Scott Parker, Mateau Flamini Defensive Midfield Arshavin, Fabregas, Walcott Attacking Midfield...
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    Android FM

    Dear friends Just ordered new phone (samsung i9000) with Android apps, I know iphone has FM app. Does anyone know if Android are bringing out an app. Also can anyone reccomend any good adroid apps thanks.
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    Fabregas 2nd

    A an Arsenal fan, I beleive Cesc will leave to go to his hometown club this season (no hard feelings) Barcelona. who do you think will replace him we got Nasri, Ramsey(injured) and Wilshire who I think could do great things as long as we get a top class defensive midfielder next to them...
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    when should I sell

    into my second season with arsenal, and I already know which players to sell. But I dont know when best time to sell to get maximum money. I normally sell the day after my season finishes, but dont always get what I hope for. Do you think rather then sell when I do, I should sell just before the...
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    youth policies?

    I know many previous posts have commented about finding "regan players" (future stars). but i wonder how many of these players have come through your youth system. IM playing with Arsenal, which have a very good youth policy set up, but the level of players coming though is not very high and...
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    the itch that wont go away

    Been playing FM in all its guises for many years now. whenever i start game ( arsenal) the first player I always look for is romario, doesnt matter if he 35+. he is legend. /Tell me which same player(s) you always look for ie romario, ronaldo, rivaldo etc
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    Youth training

    can anyone recommend any good youth coaches as Liam Brady (Arsenal) has left me. Also can you give me names of top coaches in general thanks.