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Recent content by Dannybell2010

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    How are you ment to make a profit every month with out been barcelona or real madrid?

    im currently in my first season with liverpool havent bought any players so its not down to that but every month i seem to be making a loss of about 4m-8m im currently in march and now im -2m million in red ive tried selling players but no one has even made a bid.
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    need a deep lying play maker for liverpool 2nd season

    basicly what the title says got 30m to spend thanks
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    luis suarez

    ive just started a new lfc save patch 11.3 im just wondering what is the best way to play him thanks dan
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    striker for liverpool 2nd season

    hi need a good poacher younger than 24 and ive got 20m to spend thanks dan
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    Should i sell Luis Suarez

    i dunno if its just me but Luis Suarez always misses about 2 clear cut chances every game and hes scored only 13 goals all season and i know its only his 1st season but shurrly he should be doing better so im just asking for your advise really and if you think i should sell him who should i...
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    Please help cont get my football manager to work

    football manager 2011 11.0.0f151865 has stoped working and i really want to play this game thanks in advance dan