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    Which tactic gave you better results?

    I don't trust testing results so i want to know what people thinks about it. You can choose multiple choice.
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    poll poll
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    posting poll

    Is there anyone that know how can i post a poll to the forum? Please describe me with pictures thanks.
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    Deep Sicilian V5 Players

    Hi bro's. I need bargain eleven for Mr.L's deep sicilian V5. Please do not write Hazard,Messi etc. I'm waiting your bargains for that tactic.
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    Goal Machine Searching

    I need regular goal scorer for low budget team like Daniel Frahn from fm14. |) Max 3M Euros.
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    Deadly Circle - A good old fashioned 4-4-2

    I always want to try new players. Please write your first eleven for this tactic. Dont write Messi etc. 8-|
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    He always show good performance i'm going to buy him J.Martinez is so expensive. Any comment for him?8-|8-|
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    Cheap/bargain AMC

    Hi guys it's me again. I need bargain and cheap AMC .Regular goal scorer will be so good for me. I tried all of the known players like Advijaj,Angel Correa,Ryan Gauld. Max 5M.
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    I need new(please don't say Azpili,Ricardo Rodriguez) RB/LB who has 15+ long throw skill
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    Can i change my nick name? Does someone help me about about it?
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    Shadow Striker

    I need a bargain shadow striker who scores a lot. Budget max. 15mil
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    I can't find Elegance skin.Can someone help me?
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    CD like Rock

    I need some bargain buys about my central area. I always buy defenders with high mental att. So if anyone help me about bargain defenders i will be so happy :) Please dont say Balanta,Chiellini etc.
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    CB like Rock

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    Manager's Come On!

    Hello first, I have a lot of respect to tactic testers they give their days for this but i'm sure some top tactics doesn't worked for you. With this topic i want to make a scoreboard with your recommendations. We're all playing this game so we're the best on testing,i think. Look...