Feb 1, 2015
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I need regular goal scorer for low budget team like Daniel Frahn from fm14. |)

Max 3M Euros.
Depends on the level of club you are at but if its a mid-level then Mohammed Abdellaoue always guarantees a fair few amount of goals. He might be slightly above your budget but Rafael Borre (out on loan first season from Atletico) is an absolute beast, can sometimes be picked up for around £2m beginning of second season. I always change the 'view' on the player search to by 'selection info', then organise the list by goals scored and you can find some real bargains, I have picked up players I have never heard of before for <£1m and sold them on for £10m+
Harold Preciado. A complete forward but no reason he can't play as an F9. Really nice all around skillset and a bit of room to get better. Cost me about 1.5m with Loko Moscow in the first window. Doubt he would get a Work Permit, though. Also, if you wait, he usually goes to Portugal (Sporting CP often) in the winter window or summer 2016.
You could try Craig Wighton. Plays in Scotland somewhere. He costs like 200-300 k