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    How is it that so many people are able to get Dybala away from Juve?

    I have never been able to get Juve to a reasonable price for Dybala. Is there a specific time in the game where it's best to bid -- right away, the following summer, the first winter window, etc.? The fact that people seem to be able to enter negotiations is a surprise to me, let alone getting...
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    Scouting Question - some players not with club despite no transfer?

    I've been trying to find and scout the following players (amongst others) and cannot find them on their respective club team or in their national team pool: -Luan, Gremio, ST/AMR/AML -Mahmoud Dahoud, BMG, MC -Mayke, Cruzeiro, RB -Cubas, Boca Jrs, DM -Pavon, Boca Jrs, AM They are not listed on...