How is it that so many people are able to get Dybala away from Juve?

Jul 7, 2016
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I have never been able to get Juve to a reasonable price for Dybala. Is there a specific time in the game where it's best to bid -- right away, the following summer, the first winter window, etc.? The fact that people seem to be able to enter negotiations is a surprise to me, let alone getting him signed for less than ~$75m or so.

I've offered as much as $80m and they always counter with something outrageous like $215m up front and $20m more in add-ons. What's the secret to opening up actual negotiations rather then having ridiculous counter offers sent back?

I'm currently in my 2nd season w/ Liverpool, by the way, so it isn't like Dybala is rejecting a move or that my budget isn't enough to submit a reasonable offer. I just always get that crazy-high counter offer and they refuse to negotiate after that.
Have you done any work to unsettle him?

Yeah, the usual route. And they haven't budged. Is that the best way to go about it? I wasn't sure if it was just a matter of the time you make an offer (like wait until the January window, etc.) or if there was another route where you could actually negotiate. I try not to let negotiations or rumors go on too long in the press, especially now that I've brought in 5-6 players and the squad harmony & cohesion is suffering until we build familiarity.
Did he sign a new contract with Juve? The only thing you can do is keep trying. If you establish Liverpool as a top, top club he might be unsettled If Juve keep rejecting bids. But then again, Juve is a top club.
I am in my fourth season, just taken over at Man City and my budget is phenomenal. Already have probably the best squad in the world and there aren't many players that would improve my squad. I have just signed Dybala for £120m including add ons, wouldn't normally spend so much but thought why not. He is outrageous, 11 goals in his first 6 games. First time I have ever signed him as usually it requires £100m+
in almost all of my save's he leave in the winter window or the next summer window ( maximum ) for around €70m to an EPL top team, just keep him in your shortlist and wait

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I tried for six seasons to sign him but was never able to, then I got offered a job at Juventus and he is insanely good. He scored 57 in all competitions last season!