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Recent content by Earl Sweatshirt

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    Corner Exploit.

    Aim at near post with your best jumper attacking near post and second best jumper marking the keeper.
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    playgm StephenHK Tactics FM21

    What does this say? When you load the tactic it stays Chinese so I want to re-set it in English. Is it Gegenpressing? I tried an online translator and it legit said Chicken Wings wtf 😂
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    K2 Tactic Testing Discord (only at present)

    Invalid invite link
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    Crossing Is Overpowered

    I'm in December of the first season and noticed about 90% of the goals I conceded were from crosses. So I changed my tactic to just focus on crossing and sure enough the goals are flying in. Trent and Robertson crossing to Salah and Firmino is proving lethal. Anyone else noticing that crossing...
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    Feeder Club For Fulham?

    With Fulham I’ve tried twice and failed twice in choosing my own feeder club. Board said no to INF Clairfontaine and then vetoed Guangzhou at the last minute. Any idea who I could get? (I have Leyton Orient & Perth Glory) I’d prefer another money one, ideally.
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    Concede less than 10 goals in a Premier League season?

    Back in the day my brother, my mate and I used to play a three player save on every version. I'd be Liverpool, my brother would be Arsenal and my mate would be United. Infact, we still do this! But one time, on CM03/04, something really special happened. My mate went the whole season as Man Utd...
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    Chelsea 7Up

    In the 2012/13 football season, Chelsea have the chance to win seven trophies. They are the following seven: Community Shield European Super Cup World Club Cup League Cup FA Cup Champions League Premier League Can you win all seven pieces of silverware in one season? The first one is the...