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    New Network Game

    We will discuss details in hamachi chat Network ID : fm12 online game Password : fm12rocks Looking for active players (atleast 2 hours a day)
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    Tiki Taka World Dominance

    The goal is to dominate
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    Brendan Rodgers : A New Era

    Please note that I am using the LFC Marshall update in fm12 for this story Brendan Rodgers : A New Era It was another day to look forward to for me. It was another day at Swansea Football Club. When suddenly, everything changed. I received a phone call, asking whether I was interested in the...
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    I can't seem to get my screenshots into a specific folder. I press alt +f9 but I have no idea where to find the screenshots! I don't have any screenshot folder in Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 12 Any help?
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    Salary Cap

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to buy Messi, and he wants 350k pounds per week. The maximum I can offer to a key player is 205k pounds. Even though I have 1 million pounds available in the weekly budget. Why can't I offer more, even though Messi is the best player in the world AND i can afford his...
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    Can anyone explain to me properly what CA and PA means and how big of an affect it has? I have read multiple threads on this site and many others, but I couldn't find a complete answer. I have found a regen on genie scout, his potential RATING is 78.89 but his Potential Ability is 200. I didn't...