Fabio Borini

Aug 22, 2012
Can anyone explain to me properly what CA and PA means and how big of an affect it has? I have read multiple threads on this site and many others, but I couldn't find a complete answer.

I have found a regen on genie scout, his potential RATING is 78.89 but his Potential Ability is 200. I didn't realize that 200 PA was possible, so I rushed to google to find out more.. but I didn't. His current ability is 116 but potential is 200. that is a massive rise.

I had already bought this guy before I noticed he had 200 PA on Genie Scout.

I have the best coaches from around the world (every category of training is at least 4 and a half star), good training schedules (according to me) plus he is playing with some of the best players from around the world. Will he flower into a Messi, or even better (Messi has 199 CA and PA) or will he be just another good player.

Somebody explain it to me


Aug 7, 2012
CA and PA means currant ability and potential ability and 1 is the lowest and 200 is the highest (but -10 and -9 is great to) and 170 CA or PA or higher means he's going to turn out world class or is world class so your player probably will turn out to be the best player in the world.