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    Real Fixtures 2011/12

    Tested and works fine with the newest patch. For the Bundesliga, the first match of the season and the first match after the winter break have been set to be televised on national television just like in reality. For Serie A, the fixtures of the first round have been moved accordingly to a later...
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    '08 nostalgia in FM2012

    I've been working on a downdate for FM11 for the past weeks and now I've ported it over to FM12 and it's working fine, so I'm able to continue working on it. Currently the Bundesliga is almost done and a demo will be available soonish.
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    [Released] Foss' Football Manager 2011 Summer Update

    Some of you may know me from around the forums and especially the FM-Base IRC channel and my tendency to go for huge scaled projects and so I've gone and started on making my summer update and worked on it for a couple of weeks now. I've created this thread for people to give helpful info on...
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    Legends Database

    All right, I'm working on a legends database that will hopefully contain hundreds of renowned players from the history of the game. I've created this thread to receive suggestions on who you'd like to see in the database and eventually post screenshots of my progress. You don't have to send any...
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    Foss's Eastern Bloc Auction Game

    All right, this is an auction game where the player pool consists of players playing in the leagues of the countries that used to consist the Eastern Bloc. There will also be special rounds that contain players from these countries playing in leagues abroad. An auction round will consist of...
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    Nashat Akram - Unemployed

    Name: Nashat Akram Nationality: Iraqi Age: 25 years old (12.9.1984) Positions: Midfielder (Centre), Attacking Midfielder (Centre) Strengths: First Touch, Technique, Aggression, Team Work, Determination, Flair Weaknesses: Heading, Anticipation, Off The Ball, Positioning Quite a well-rounded...
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    Complete Free Agent Database

    This is a database with every player as a free agent, enjoy.