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Recent content by foster

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    esmir sabic

    right i know this guy was a wonderkid in fm 07 and fm 08 he has the heart of my arsenal side on 07 and was amazing for middlesbrough for me on 08 but does anyone know his club on fm 11 cant find him anywhere
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    why have my team stop playing like they did before

    i played a basic 4-4-2 with middlesbrough right through the championship and halfway through my prem league first season normal back line with left back as support and right back as attack 4 mid field with pacey wingers a defensive playmaker and an attacking midfielder and rotating strikers what...
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    5-3-2 the ultimate defensive winning tactic

    5-3-2 is a tactic i didnt use until i needed to beat sunderland on the last day of the season to get a UEFA cup spot as with most important games i saved before and give myself 5 tries 4-4-2 counter i lost 3-0 4-4-2 control lost 1-0 4-3-3 counter lost 2-1 4-5-1 contain lost 4-0 i tried...