why have my team stop playing like they did before


Jan 18, 2011
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i played a basic 4-4-2 with middlesbrough right through the championship and halfway through my prem league first season normal back line with left back as support and right back as attack 4 mid field with pacey wingers a defensive playmaker and an attacking midfielder and rotating strikers what my team did was have shots in mid teens atleast every game against all teams from man u to preston playing counter
having about 45% possession even against weak teams
scored in about 70 league games 85 goals lost 11 games drew 23 won the rest but halfway through the premier league my team started shooting less having lots more possession and losing alot of games i didnt change a thing and got no one in january not sure what is happening so i had to change to a defensive formation and rely on not conceded and winning 1-0 most of the time any ideas what happened?
Perhaps AI got wise and found a way to counter you? Heard stories of AI being able to adapt pretty quick in some cases
they stopped my getting corner tactics aswell as i have whittingham and robson shooting from range and getting deflections and saves for corners how have they stopped that i just dont get it
are you playing a fairly direct attacking game? becuase that is the easiest style to counter
it has happened to me mate, its just ai figuring u out, i dunno how but thats only reason i can think of
i simple wait for them to lose the ball then my midfield just work it into their half then either a long shot or wing play or through ball or into a striker happens
if that makes sense its direct as in their fast on the counter and they dont mess around
if they dont counter its worked around quite well
but counter my teams counters are always fast
you need to vary your approaches slightly. Teams dont stick to one way in real life, you can hardly expect to in the game, use the shouts to modify your approach
i had to change to a massivly defensive style as my players before were taking more knocks then a door more cards then a poker tourement and leaking more goals then derby did in the premier league i was 2nd in february and manage to get 5 straight wins to get 4th by 2 gd which was annoying