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    How To Make...

    I was just wondering (sorry if its in the wrong section please move if is) how to make a true type file and a open type file for a skin with Eras Bold ITC sorry if im a newsense :'(
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    Show Off Your Signatures/Pictures

    Welcome show of your best pictures and signatures. Where they are from and if they are free or cost money :P Heres mine
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    Making Big Logos

    Guys How Do You Get A Logo And Make It Transpaperent And Large For The Logos In Game For The Huge ones :P Sorry To Be A Newsense Or if it was easier could you just do it Anyone willing to do it for me please THANK YOU :S anyhelp truly apprecited
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    How Do You...

    Moved To http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f56/making-big-logos-t12128.html#post77126
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    Ultimate Icon Pack

    Hello This is my ulitamet icon and flag pack :P it coontains lots of icons for skins but i need a few more to finish oO) SUGGESTIONS WELCOME oO) There Are Loads More but i need few suggestions oO) SUGGESTIONS WELCOME oO)
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    Darkues Rising

    (H)(H)This is my new skin its a mixture of a few different bits and some of my own. I need some feedback on this skin i would love to improve it:D here you go then and shall i post it on this website? FEEDBACK please :O Please tell me if there is any errors and i will fix them any suggestions...
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    I'm wondering how do you get a player to tutor a young player or does it just happen? examle I'm Villa i want Agbonlahor to tutor Delfoenuso how do i do that? thanks in advance;)
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    How Much Money?

    I'm just asking about how much money can you have at the most. I'm going on editor to change a few teams and I just want to know how much money you can have all together;) thanks in advance And has anyone got any good signing i could look for:P
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    Disk Error?

    I'm justing wondering if FM09 runs without putting the disk in.Its probaly already been said but i just want to know if its normal or a error on my game?Thanks in advance (H) sorry if its already been said
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    Created Team Config File

    I have made my team and i have got a logo for them but i don't have a config file can someone help me my teams ID is 1394631303 plz help :):D
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    Do You Want A Pic On Your Background

    Closed Closed m8s
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    Help Team Logo

    Hi i've made my own club and they don't have a logo can someone help i've got a few pictures of my local team so can someone make one please:D thank you for any of your help its greatly apprecited;)
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    Hi =)

    Hello everyone I'm new to FM. I support the mighty claret and blue (Aston Villa):D I'm currently managing Aston Villa so do you know anyone I could sign? thanks for the help:)