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    New English Premier League game now

    Looking to start at 7pm GMT tonight. Maximum 4 players but would ideally play with 2-3 as those games last the longest. Will play 3-4 nights a week and discuss playing times at the end of each session. Leave steam name below if interested.
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    New Net Game Now

    Starting today when I get 1 player or more English Prem top teams and aim for 10 seasons of trophy hunting. Hopefully get committed players and if we manage that will then look at extending. Will know after a week or 2 who's committed anyway and in my experience a good game is 5-10 seasons...
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    Who has the courage?

    I just want someone to take a top team against me and play. A few nights a week with a few hour session every game? Hopefully get 5 seasons or more in. Every time I start a game, the other player quits when they see who I sign or when things go bad. Is anyone good enough to challenge me at...
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    Looking for long term players to play with top teams only. The game is simple - win as many trophies as possible in 10 seasons. If you have a poor season then come back the next and try again. If you are not a long term player and will ***** out after a transfer window or a season then this...
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    I have Barca so looking for someone to take Real Also willing to allow someone take Athletic Madrid
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    Super Sunday BPL

    Season 3 starts today right after the Liverpool v Arsenal game. Looking for people to join and take top clubs. Only United and Chelsea taken. Expecting to play many hours during the Christmas period. All game times negotiated prior to next session. Leave steam name if interested
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    New Network game starts today at 18:00 GMT

    Add me on steam if interested Saint_GC
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    I'm looking to start a premier league game in England. This game would suit people who work and or have family commitments. As much as I would love to play FM 24/7 this is the not a reality for me. Hours will be negotiated at the end of each session but it will still be a very active game in...
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    Work and college commitments kept me out of action for the last 6 months. Starting an intense game today Premier league 12.2.0 Take any teams but play fast Hamachi = superstars10 pass = superstars10 GAME ON
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    Now the truth is out and the cracks have well and truly been exposed by the greatest manager of all time (Mourinho) and the average but successful Chelsea, I feel it is time to time to rub salt in the wounds of the Glory hunters and the inaccurate PA of Farca players in FM 12. I would like to...
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    Net Game Now

    Starting a net game as soon as I get 3 dedicated user's. More can join but will be up and running when 3 enter. Fast pace game and very active. Hamachi = season24 Pass = 1234 take any teams you want in English prem
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    Looking to join a commited Network Game

    Must be at least 1 season old. mail here or pm with detailsa nd times. Cheers
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    Hello Can you please log into the game you joined yesterday and remover your profile. You joined, put a pass on and left. We have someone who wants your team. Thanks in advance
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    NetGameNow Net games never last but hopefully this will. Im looking at 5 intense seasons. You will have to holiday if you cant make it. Standard rules- no replays, game speed 2 nothes below full, no friendlies or taking users staff. English prem Will start when I have 3 but will allow 5...
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    Just finished my exams yesterday and now ready to play in an intense game. I am already in a weekend net game so cannot commit then unless those circumstances change. Looking to start a game tonight. If I get at least 2 players its on otherwise will start tomorrow. I have only ever played...