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    Best FM/CM ever

    Hey guys, so I would like to go play one of the old FM games and cant decide which one.Which one of all the FM games is the best by you guys?
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    FM 16 1 on 1 problems

    Hey guys, am I the only one experiencing this problem.Goalkeepers are superhuman and save EVERY 1 on 1.I have seen three proper one on ones actually scored so far.I mean its supposed to be the easiest chance to get a goal and its missed almost every time in my save at least.Never experienced it...
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    Serbian league

    Hi, Wondering if someone else is playing in the Serbian league to share experiences.
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    FIFA 14 or PES 2014

    Which game should I buy?I want a game that has better gameplay since I dont want to play online.I will be playing it on the PS3.
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    What team to be

    Hey guys, I am getting FM 14 tomorrow and I cant decide what team to be.I played FM 13 up to this day when I decided to buy FM 14.In FM 13 I had a lot of save(QPR,Hartlepool,Guiseley,Man U,LA Galaxy...).My last save was with La Galaxy and I really enjoyed it.Thats why Ididnt buy FM 14.I know you...
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    Player disappered

    I just started a new save with Man U.I had a goalkeeper in my previou Hartlepool save named Alan Mannus.I search for him,no results.I filter Northern Ireland and goalkeeper,his not there.Go to his club St Johnstone his not there.I think that there are more player that disappered.Check database...
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    Database size

    If im already in the save where can i see my database size?
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    What does this attribute do and is it important for center backs.
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    The Intercontinetial challenge

    Star unemployed with Sunday league player experience.You need to win the continetial championships for each continent both with aclub and with a country.You can try to win the World cup too. Rules: 1.Start in Europe than go to other continents in whatever order you want. You need to win the...
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    Is this unrealistic?I started with Partizan(a team from Serbia),qualified for the Champions leagu(expected),got 200-1 odds of winning it.First match lost 1-0 to BARCELONA the favorites to win it,second match won 1 0 over Juventus by a lucky strike(basically i had a free kick it went of the...
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    Does form have an affect of how players play?
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    Job offer

    I have received a job offer from Man city a month ago, accepted it and i didnt became the head coach.Its been a month.What just happened?The didnt hire anyone else.
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    Post Your Frustations Thread

    Iamauser Edit: Post all your frustrations with FM14 here. Remember to use the bug thread which is stickied if you are posting a bug rather than a frustration
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    International managment

    Im manging Hartlepool and Kenya.Can i manage a Olympic team too.Like USA u23.
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    Players faces

    When i go to a regen it was that ican see his face.All regen faces are gone and they are know black faces like the faces of real life players without pictures.Why is this happening and howcan i stop it.