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Recent content by goblinshark

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    3-4-3 strong(attack and defense)

    What is the difference between the 2 files you uploaded
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    Pandknight's 3-5-2 One for All

    Hey, could you upload the one with PF and MEZ. Im in lower leagues so no CF around
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    PASS & GO Simple 451 tactic ( Burnley 2nd first season / Panathinaikos and Arsenal Champions 1st )

    Enjoying using this tactic as an alternative to my 442. I'm managing at some 3rd world nation's lower leagues like seriously players stats are mostly single digits. So players aren't the best suited for the roles but still..winning tons of games and playing some nice football. Thanks for this...
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    Player registration problem !!

    Hi, I created lots of leagues in Asia using just the basic editor, didnt covert any to advanced. When I load up the game, non of the players are registered in the squad. So every team, every league match is played with fake players. Why is this? My fixture rule, I only selected max 5 foreign...
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    Australia Lower League edting guidance

    I'm really confuse on using the editor in creating the Australia Soccer LEAgue. I managed to do the NAtional Premier LEague which are sub divisions. However for Australia, each subdivsions has their own subdivisions or own leagues which I have no idea how to set in the editor. IF someone can...
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    Long-Ball Route one tactic request

    Has any one createed such a tactic, like how stoke or the past bolton plays
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    Scouting advice

    How do you guys scout young pospects , I tried scouting nation..competition..u21 competition...but players rating are never better then 3stars.
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    Fmrte reputation edit

    Question there are 3 reputation, world, country and local. Which one should I lower in order to attract more interest. And is there a certain limit or criteria, or procedure whenever I change or edit , because whenever I edit and save when I check again after, the edit is back to the original...
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    editor, is this a bug?

    I wanted to edit the maximum age of the team, but when I change the age it always drop back to 21. Is this an error or its supposed to be like this
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    Defensive midfielder help

    Im playing 451 dmc mc mc . However my dmc tackling and interceptions match states are really low , like 2 or 1 tackle per game and the same amount of interception too. So is there any ways to have the dmc ' in the right place ' ? for eg adjusting the player instructions ?
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    Problem signing people !

    Hey Im Manchester United and have bids accepted for phil jones and seamus coleman , but for whatever reasons both of them don't even want to negotiate contracts with me . And help or tips ?
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    My created league keeps crashing

    the title says it all... Im editing the singapore league, added relegation system and others , tested the nation rules . But once i start playing, once it reach the day b4 the league starts it 'crash dumps' . Same happens when I downloaded others' edited leagues. Anyone knows what...