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    Genie Scout Problems

    Just downloaded the Genie Scout and started a new game in level 10 of the english leagues but when i try to load my game on the genie it comes up with this error: Does anyone know why i've got this error and how to fix it, i think it might be something to do with the fact i'm using the...
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    Hi guys, Got a massive problem on the game. I'm playing as Hull City, in my 3rd season, and i'm in the Europa League after reaching the FA cup final last season. However, the registration deadline is now and i have just realised i only have 3 players in my whole squad that are trained by...
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    Artem Milevskyi

    Hey guys, just started what will be my last game on fm 2009, and signed this striker with hull city. He had a great debut against fulham and i just wondered if anyone else has ever signed him and how good he actually is?
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    FM 2010 Demo Transfer Budgets

    Transfer Budgets Premier League: Arsenal : £25m - £33m Aston Villa : £2.7m - £3.9m Birmingham City : £6m - £10.5m Blackburn Rovers : £0k Bolton Wanderers : £0k Burnley : £200k - £375k Chelsea : £52m - £58m Everton : £4m - £5.25m Fulham : £500k - £750k Hull City : £5.5m - £10.5m Liverpool ...
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    Good Players in the Demo

    Hi, I'm Hull City in the demo, just wondered if anybody has spotted any good, cheap players yet? So far, i've signed: Mark Viduka free Elliot Omozusi free Benjani 1.7m Tom de Mul 2.2m Tore Reginiussen 250k Still got 2.6m left I lost my first match 1-0 to Chelsea :(
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    Network Game Anyone???

    Does any one want to play a network game? 2 players + me Teams from La Liga I was thinking maybe the three teams could be: Sevilla At. Madrid Villarreal All have 15m+ budgets and decent teams Or maybe french league with: Lyon Bordeaux Marseille Also have good budgets and all in...
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    Network Game Trouble. Please Help!

    Hi Guys, Sorry if there are loads of these threads but i've searched the forums and i still can;t get an answer. Me and a mate are trying to set up a network game, using hamachi. but when i try to type his i.p. address in it comes up with 'unable to connect to server' and it does the same...
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    Hull City Game

    Hi Guys, just started a game with my club, hull city, with chris22's update v7, i've got off to a poor start with only 4 points from 7 games. Just wondered if any of you could give me some advice to turn things around. Maybe a good tactic to use or training or something like that? Thanks for...
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    What is the best Update?

    Hi guys, Just wondering what update everyone is using at the moment and which is the most up to date, if you could give me a link it would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    Where does it end???

    Hi guys, Just wondering, does the game actually have an end, or can you keep playing forever? Can you die as a manager or does your age just keep going on past 100? Has anyone ever played a game for so long to find out? Thanks