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Recent content by greg_rfc_1

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    Anyone know how to get my player attributes back?

    I'm not really sure how but the my player attributes have changed from numbers to colored bars. I have been looking for ages and it might be really obvious but I cant find how to change it back, if anyone knows your advice would be a great help.
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    The Snood

    In the wake of this winter's freezing temperatures everyone is feeling the chill, none more so it seems than a selection of of our footballing idols, their solution... THE SNOOD!!! Those who embrace the snood argue that players will perform better if they are more comfortable though critics...
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    Peterbourgh United...conquering Europe

    My Peterbourgh Game My first game in FM11 and is one of my best Fm games ever.Not sure why I decided to go Peterbourgh but I did and am using my 3-5-2 tactic.The plan is to win the champions league by season 2018/19.Will post updates every season :D Season 1 :- Npower League 1 champions...
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    Los Cules... by Yeovil Town

    I have just taken charge of Yeovil with the view to eventually take them to the top playing the Barca brand of football. I will try to post updates every 2-3 months. by
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    MFK Kosice - Conquering Slovakia

    MFK Kosice appoint Dryden as new boss Today Mfk Kosice have named unknown Scot , G Dryden as their new manager.In a press conference this morning he stated that he was delighted to have got the job.He also added that by the end of the five year plan he was confident Kosice would be playing...
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    Beat the big 4

    Personally my favourite calibre of team to manage is mid - table premiership teams (currently Fulham) though Ive never really got my tactics right against the big teams.Your advicewould be much appreciated:D
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    an advanced forward

    In my first season with fulham and hav just recieved an irrisistable offer for Andy Johnson . Im now looking for a pacy striker that can finish and will play off bobby zamora. Ive got about 7mil to spend your advice would be much appriciated :D
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    My beloved Rangers

    Just finished my first season with my beloved rangers . After a domestic double and the last 16 of the champions league iv got alot to live up to. Having success fully restored the bank books to secure by spending 7.75M in january and nothing in the summer on ; Sol Campbell - free Ali...