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Recent content by Hansi24

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    Football Manager Challenges & Scenarios for 2014?

    Why don't we have this catagory anymore? Are we just going to drop things like auction games on this forum?
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    Superliga Auction Game

    Superliga Auction Game 2013 I have always wanted to make an auction-game. And i'm very inspired by RiotAct's Jupiler Pro League Auction Game. So i'm kinda stealing his ideas for this game. If you don’t know the general rule of an auction game, check out some of the other threads with...
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    Danish wonderkids flod in on England (sign up)

    England have bought themselves 10 young 15 year old wonderkids in from Denmark. The danish goverment seemed ****** that this could happen! And bring justice to the people who were in charge of giving this great prospects contracts! Each player will start of with current ability set at 110 and a...
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    Teams buying players of one nationality

    Hi guys. Can you edit a team so that it will only buy players from a certain area/country? Just like Bilbao are doing in real life. Thanks in advance. Edit: i found the answer myself...
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    The Global Free Agent Challenge

    Since noone else wants to do this in Editor, i decided to have a go. I've made it exacly like the challenge in FM12 but with more clubs. Link to FM12 challenge: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/challenges-scenarios/100997-global-free-agent-challenge.html I have decided to make a challenge where...