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Superliga Auction Game


Jun 27, 2012
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Superliga Auction Game 2013

I have always wanted to make an auction-game. And i'm very inspired by RiotAct's Jupiler Pro League Auction Game. So i'm kinda stealing his ideas for this game.

If you don’t know the general rule of an auction game, check out some of the other threads with explanations.

The game will take place in Denmark in the Superliga.
In Superligaen there's 12 clubs, playing eachother thrice.
Each team meets each one of the other teams one time at home, one time away, plus one more time home or away dependent of the clubs placement in the previous season.
The two teams with the fewest points are relegated.

The game will run in as many seasons, as people wish it to. Hopefully a lot.

Not all rounds are the same, and rules will therefore change from round to round.
The players being auctioned will be balanced. So there will be no superstars to wait for.
Everyone has the opportunity to sell back players to 'the bank' for ½ the amount they were bought for (This does not include clubs, managers and players purchased for 0,5 mill)

All original debt in clubs will be removed.

All players will have a budget on 300mill.
First auction round will be buying of the teams.
All players and the clubs manager will be removed. However, everything else will be prevailed (including staff, rep, facilities etc.).
To participate you just have to write your chairman's name in this thread and sent me a PM with your prioritised bids for clubs (see template below).
Trading is open from start to end of the auction
Overspending will cause in point deduction (1 point per million overspend)

You can only bid whole or half million decimate (0,5£ - 1£ - 1,5£ - 2£ etc.)
If people bid in other ways (1,3£ - 1,9£ etc.) i will round up/down as i see fit.
Minimum bids are £0,5 million. Bids below will be 'deleted'.
If two or more tie for a player, these will have the option to re-bid for the player(s) (with a minimum bid of the original).

I'm looking for 12 active players.

Due to lack of interest, i've decided to extend this game up until FM14 comes out.
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Jun 27, 2012

User: DidierDrogba
Chairman name : Marcijan Pavlovic

User: Rishmanisation
Chairman Name: Rish Ananthan

User: MaximumPower
Chairman Name - Nicolas Cage

User: RiotAct
Chairman Name: Ousman Jallow

User: Athomash
Chairman Name : Nigel Notthatbright

User: RTvD
Chairman Name: Rafael Thompson

User: UkFootballScore
Chairman Name: Noah Bullock
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Jun 27, 2012
Round 1 club round:
This round will run like Riotact ran his. Link to it here:
It will involve you bidding for the clubs and listing them with a priority of 1-12
The clubs that you can bid for are the following:

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Name: Aalborg Boldspilklub
Nickname: AAB
Season 12-13 placing: 5th
City: Aalborg
Stadium capacity: 13800 (7700)

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Name: AC Horsens
Nickname: Den gule fare (The yellow danger)
Season 12-13 placing: 11th
City: Horsens

Stadium capacity: 10400 (7500)

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Name: AGF
Nickname: De Hvi'e (The white)
Season 12-13 placing: 7th
City: Aarhus

Stadium capacity: 20032 (20032)

View attachment 470284
Name: Brøndby IF
Nickname: Drengene fra Vestegnen (The boys from the 'Vestegn')
Season 12-13 placing: 9th
City: Brøndby

Stadium capacity: 29000 (23400)

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Name: Esbjerg Forenede Boldklubber
Nickname: Esbjerg FB
Season 12-13 placing: 4th
City: Esbjerg

Stadium capacity: 17181 (11016)

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Name: F.C. København
Nickname: Løverne (The Lions)
Season 12-13 placing: 1st
City: Copenhagen

Stadium capacity: 38065 (38065)

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Name: F.C. Midtjylland
Nickname: Ulvene (The Wolves)
Season 12-13 placing: 6th
City: Herning

Stadium capacity: 11809 (7409)

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Name: F.C. Nordsjælland
Nickname: Tigrene (The Tigers)
Season 12-13 placing: 2nd
City: Farum

Stadium capacity: 10100 (9800)

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Name: Odense Boldklub
Nickname: De Stribede (The Stribes)
Season 12-13 placing: 10th
City: Odense

Stadium capacity: 15761 (13963)

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Name: Randers F.C.
Nickname: De Blå Heste (The Blue Horses)
Season 12-13 placing: 3rd
City: Randers

Stadium capacity: 12000 (6114)

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Name: Silkeborg IF
Nickname: De Røde (The Red)
Season 12-13 placing: 12th
City: Silkeborg

Stadium capacity: 10000 (5500)

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Name: SønderjyskE
Nickname: De lyseblå (The Lightblue)
Season 12-13 placing: 8th
City: Haderslev

Stadium capacity: 10000 (3004)

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Jun 27, 2012
I've decided to do this all on my own!
I will do updates once we get onto that, and i will make the database in Editor.

I'm hoping to get this started very soon, but it doesn't seem like people are very interested in this, which is dissapointing...


Jul 3, 2012
I don't see any irony? I just watched the movie National Treasure (I think it's that)
The irony is that as Nicholas Cage cant reject role in movie you cant reject option in playing in Auction game
but it seems that i am only one who saw it that way