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Recent content by Hooger

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    Looking for a 4-2-3-1 tactic

    Hey guys, As the title states i'm looking for a 4-2-3-1 tactic (preferrably) for my Burnley side. Currently using this formation but i'm not getting all too good results. So i was wondering if anyone has a good one for me :) I would consider 4-3-3 aswell, provided it only has 1 DM, my squad...
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    In desperate need of a striker

    Just promoted, willing to spend 9/10 million euro's, buying Ola Toivonen for 2 million but i dont have a fantastic feeling about him. Playing 4-2-3-1
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    Players for Burnley (Premiership, 2nd Season)

    Hey guys, Got promoted to the premiership in first season and i'm looking for 2/3 key players to strengthen my team to avoid relegation. Current Line-up: ..... W. Wallace M. Verratti C. Eagles K. McDonald ..... D. Fox ..... A. Bikey T. Mears F...