Dec 5, 2010
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Just promoted, willing to spend 9/10 million euro's, buying Ola Toivonen for 2 million but i dont have a fantastic feeling about him.

Playing 4-2-3-1
Hugo Almeida, Jonathan Ayew, Jo, Jay Bothroyd or even Robbie Keane
Playing as Burnley

I already tried Jo, his wage demands are ridiculous for his quality.
When i get home tomorrow i'm gonna see if those are worth bidding for

thanks for the replies :D
If you feel lucky yiou could even try Yaya Sanogo for this amount of money... Of cheaper solutions I reccomend Cleo from Partizan he is a beast upfront!
Kadlec can get him cheap and scores 20+ a season as a poacher
Jan chramosta he's amazing! I got him for 1mil but can be abit more..maybe 2-4mil
Robbie Findley from real salt lake got with forest he scored 30 goals in my first season then im selling him for £11M
cheers everyone, got tons of input for scouting now, especially with the shortlist from raikan :D
already browsed through it yesterday :)

too bad i can't sign guilherme from dinamo kyiv, awesome player. had him in my former burnley save (R.I.P.)
Lee Sueng-Ryul, he's amazing, however I have no idea how he'd stand up next to the other names in this list... He can certainly score though, and young.