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Recent content by huggleman

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    Could someone help please!?

    I am looking for someone who could create a badge for me and if they could make it so I can use it in game with the large small etc... I did post to graphics request thread before actually noticing it was dead so will use my template from that to make it alot easier for people Team Name...
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    Help needed with skinning!

    Hello guys, I am completely stumped on this! All I am trying to do is move the position of the boxes on the main screen over to the side a bit more, I have managed to put my own picture to the main screen and want to move the boxes so you can see more of the picture! The picture I have chosen...
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    English Transfer Budgets

    I don't know if there is any changes to anything in the minor updates but just to tell you that this is done using the 12.0.4 patch, also I do not know if past experience or favoured clubs makes a difference with the budgets so I done it all using Ex-International past experience and my favoured...
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    Massive 20 man online game

    Hello my fellow FM Base people! I am planning an online game where at least 15 preferably all Premiership teams will be human managed. If anyone is interested can you send me a PM with your MSN/Windows Live email address to add you to that. I will NOT add until we have our minimum amount of...
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    CM01/02 db?

    I am thinking of doing a db for FM2011 using the CM01/02 database. This could take a very long time to do so was wondering if anyone would be interested in this or if I would be wasting my time.
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    Can anyone do a club logo for me?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can do club logo's as I'm pretty poor at them to say the least, I downloaded an English non-league logo pack but it has the wrong Sholing badge so was hoping someone could make just this badge for me. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could do...
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    Specific Saved Game

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a saved game with Saints in the Prem. I managed to get us there myself a while back, clinched the FA Cup in my 1st season in the prem and finished a respectable 9th I think it was but my game then crashed and become corrupt. This was around xmas time and have tried a...
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    Trial days

    I was playing my game and got invited to a trial day so as normal I clicked on "Scout players" and nothing more. Then I got thinking....... how many of you guys actually attend the trial days?
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    Richie's 4-4-2

    DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=4320 Please use this thread for all talk of my tactic. I have found it works well in all leagues of England. Have yet to try it abroad myself but thanks to JakeHartlepool10 I have received some feedback in Spain which...
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    Mancini: Now I'm the best

    So I see in todays Sun that Mancini believes he is the Premier League's BEST boss after City's 4-1 win at Fulham. What do you guys think? Arrogance? Confidence? Or maybe just a bit of the old "Your only as good as your last game"?
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    Time Machine

    Does anyone know of a time machine for FM11 yet, I find these great fun and a real test of my ability in some careers I've chosen with these