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    Hard Drive Requirements

    Is 180GB hard drive sufficient to play Football Manager 17 flawlessly? Or is it worth paying extra to upgrade to 1TB? What would the difference be?
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    Slow Running

    Laptop is running Football Manager 17 so slow that it's nearly unplayable. The match engine is unplayable and I can only progress by holidaying games. Any help lads? FM used to work fine up until a few months ago (I had this issue with Football Manager 16). My brother has a cheap laptop and it...
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    Job Offer Help

    Not sure if this is a bug or they're just really persistent, but I'm continuously being offered the Manchester City job. Been offered it about 7 times in the space of a few weeks. I'm at Swansea City in 2031, but whenever I reject City's offer they keep coming back!
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    Cutting Off?

    I open Football Manager 12 up, it seems to load okay... then cuts off and closes before it gets to the start screen. Any ideas lads?
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    Help. Please.

    not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of ._config.xml That XML parsing error popped up when I opened FM to play. I've tried deleting the Settings folder in the App data>Roaming>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 12 folder and then restarting my laptop but that didn't work. Could someone...
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    Young Players

    Probably the biggest buzz I get out of playing Football Manager is producing young players. It used to be easy on other versions, but I've really struggled this year and I don't know why. Could somebody give me an answer as to how to make young players fulfill their potential? I shouldn't have...
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    Bruce Almighty...

    ​ STEVE BRUCE TURNS DOWN WOLVES JOB Steve Bruce has pulled out of the running for the Wolves job following a disagreement with the club over the length of his contract. Bruce, out of work since being sacked by Sunderland in November, turned down the opportunity to take charge for the...
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    So. I'm new.

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself as I only signed up on the forum today. My name is Billy, I'm from England and I'm a self-confessed die-hard Manchester United fan. My username is a tribute to the greatest manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson, as "Icumfigovan" is a sign on his...