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    The Youngsters Challenge

    The rules of this challenge are: no cheating you are only alloud to buy players of the age of 21 or younger you have to sell all of your players who are older than 21 and finally no editing on the editor. The aim of this challenge is to win the champions league at least three times,to win...
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    A Chelsea Story Trying To Win It Back With Youth Products

    I'm trying to bring back Chelsea's glory days with just the youth that comes out of the system. Every month I will report back on scores transfers out and every March Youth products. Hope you enjoy.:)
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    Liverpool Dred

    Does anyone know a good tactic for Liverpool because when I make one myself I badly fail and on FM I always download tactics and there aren't enough FM13 tactics yet so can anyone give me a good liverpool tactic with a link from any FM.
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    What On Earth Is Time Out Error

    On FM13 BETA I always get time out errors before a match or after a match and I would really like to know why?
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    Manchester City their faith relies on England

    My challenge is to make Manchester City the best team in the world with only using English players that means only buying English players only playing English players and my regens have to be English not any other country like I'm sure a lot of you do.I will keep you informed every month game...
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    The Best Of Liverpool

    I have just started a Liverpool game and my aim is to make Liverpool the best team in the world. To do this I will have to sell all the dead wood in my squad and get some players for the first team or as backup and my other aim is to have the best backroom staff in all of Europe and if I will...
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    Should I buy Fernando Llorente

    I'm playing a Liverpool game and Fernando Llorente is transfer listed and I was wondering whether I should buy him or not he is listed for 12.75m but I already have Andy Carroll how is a similar player but Manchester City are interested in him and I would like to know if I should sell Carroll...
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    FM 12 VS FM 13

    If you would like to say how you could make FM 13 better than FM 12 This is the thread to post it on and please tell me if you think FM 13 is going to be better than FM 12.
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    Tell Me Your Best Transfers

    I you have done any great deals in the transfer windows please tell me so everyone can see your success in the transfer market.
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    Odd Problems

    When I go on FM 12 I normally switch the internet on as well and when I do FM does funny things like one of the things it does is it crashes and other odd things like that please tell me why. Thanks
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    Making a low league prem side to a champions league side

    For this challenge you need to go on the football manager 2012 editor with the team you have selected (your team have to have a media prediction of 10th or lower and have to be in the Premier League) and set you overall finances to 600m and put your transfer budget to 400m and put your wage...
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    The youngsters challenge

    The rules of this challenge are: you have to sell all of your players with an age of twenty two and over you can only buy players how are twenty one and younger and you can keep the players once you've got them. let me know how you get on.